Southeast Steuben County Library Friday Night Free Film Schedule 2013-2014

Hi everyone, this isn’t a tech item — unless you count the fact that the library’s ceiling mounted projector and cool A/V system project films on the big screen in our Community Room; however, as almost everyone is a movie fan I thought I’d share this bit of information!

The library will kick off its Friday Night Free Film series for the 2013-2014 Season next Friday night, September 6, 2013.

The library doors facing Tioga Avenue will be open from 6:45 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. to let movie goers enter the library and films start at 7 p.m.

Next Fridays’ film will be The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012) it runs 124 Minutes and is Rated: PG-13.

To see a summary of all films for the season simply click the link this link:

Southeast Steuben County Library Friday Night Free Film Schedule 2013-2013

Popcorn is always provided for free!

Join us!

Have a great day!

Linda R.

Links To Nine Cool Tech News Stories & More!

It has been a really, really busy week in library land so here is a short listing of links to nine interesting tech related stories and three more links to interesting NPR stories regarding cool books and Chinese dumplings!

Article 1: This one is from the Apple Insider and relays the news that Apple will not show off new iPads at its September 10 press event – instead the emphasis will be on iPhones with a separate event on deck for October at which Apple will unveil new iPads:

New iPads will not be introduced at Apple’s Sept. 10 event

Article 2: This article discusses the new “Parallels” app which allows you to remote use your Mac or PC from your iPad:

Whoa: Parallels Access “turns” Windows, Mac apps into iPad apps

Article 3: This article discusses how museums and libraries are changing in our new high tech “Digital Age:”

Best of Both Worlds: Museums, Libraries, and Archives in a Digital Age

Article 4 is from the Oxford Dictionaries blog and offers info on new words added to the digital editions of the Oxford Dictionary:

28 August 2013: Oxford Dictionaries Online quarterly update: new words added to today

Article 5: This article offers info on a new trade-in/recycle program Apple is reportedly going to unveil next week for iPhone users to trade in their old iPhones:

Apple’s iPhone ‘Reuse and Recycle’ trade-in program detailed, begins rolling out this week

Articles 6 is a list of 25 technologies the website says will change the world in the near future – I’m not sure all of these technologies will change the world but it is a fun list to read through and speculate about which technologies will and won’t transform the world:

25 Cutting Edge Technologies That Will Change The World

Article 7 is for local AT&T customers – just an FYI AT&T is going to finally offer 4G LTE coverage in our area:
AT&T 4G LTE Available In Corning

Article 8 is to a Mac Daily News story that relays the rumor that a Star Wars app is being prepared for the Apple TV:

RUMOR: Disney prepping ‘Star Wars’ app for Apple TV

Article 9 is another one that focuses on streaming video from the web instead of having a cable TV package:
The End of TV as We Know It,9171,2149608,00.html

And the three NPR story links:

“Crime In The City: A summertime series about fictional detectives and the cities where they live”

“Mystery Series’ Portly P.I. Peels Back The Layers Of Delhi Society”

And here’s the link to a cool article on Chinese dumplings – yum!

“Move Over, Pot Stickers: China Cooks Up Hundreds Of Dumplings”

Have a great day!

Linda R.

Voice Recognition Software, Microsoft CEO To Retire, DOJ Revises Apple E-Book Suit Settlement & Pandora Adds Timer For iOS & Android Users

It has been another super busy day in library land so here’s are four cool tech articles to peruse over the weekend!

1. The first article is from the New York Times tech guru columnists David Pogue and it offers a neat (aka simple) explanation of what the term “voice recognition” means. The article also discusses the pluses and minuses of the two most popular voice recognition systems for mobile devices – the ones made for Android and Apple devices.

2. The second article is also from the New York Times and is titled “Early Exit for Ballmer Amid Course Change at Microsoft” and it discusses how the retirement of the current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who replaced original Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, may change Microsoft and thus just perhaps what products they produce:

3. The third article is from PC Magazine online and is titled “DOJ Revises Apple E-Books Proposal, Barely” and it offers information on the modified proposal for what Apple will have to do in answer to the DOJ anti-trust ruling that Apple violated anti-trust laws in conspiring with e-book sellers to sell e-books:,2817,2423534,00.asp

4. And the fourth article is from CNET and is titled “Pandora adds new timer for sleepy iOS, Android users” and it relays the info that the Pandora app for your Apple or Android mobile device now has a time feature that will allow you to set your favorite music to play while sending you off to the land of nod – and the device will then shut off at a time you set.

Here’s the link:

Have a great weekend!

Linda R.


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Links To Four Interesting Tech Articles

The first article is from The Guardian and is titled “Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch to deal first blow in war for the wrist;” and it discusses a cool new wearable high tech watch made by Samsung:

The second article is from the Inventor Spot site and offers an overview of the new Android tablet/smartphone companion projector the EPICT EPP-100 which sounds and looks like a cool projector:

Android Computer-in-a-Projector: The New EPICT EPP-100

The third article is from the Trend Hunter site and is titled “The TrewGrip Mobile Keyboard Connects with on-the-go Technology” and it shows off a really interesting keyboard – it is a bent keyboard that is designed to fit over your leg – I think it is cool that there is a keyboard you can buy that is shaped like this but I think I’ll take the traditional and touch screen keyboards instead! (or better still voice activated command inputs which are getting better all the time!)

Here’s the link:

And the fourth article, is from the New York Times, and is titled “A 3-D Scanner Reaches for the Masses” and it offers more info on the 3-D scanning and printing technology that will shortly be coming to a business, public library and/or home near you!

Have a great day!

Linda R.

Internet Use In The U.S. & Reports Suggest A Gold iPhone Will Be Unveiled At Apple’s September 10 Press Event

Internet Use In The U.S.: The New York Times offers an interesting article today, titled “Most of U.S. Is Wired, but Millions Aren’t Plugged In.” The article focuses on how many Americans use the Internet today and why those Americans that don’t use the Internet don’t use it. The article reports that of Americans under the age of 65 two thirds use the Internet. And for those people over the age of 65 half use the Internet.

And as you might imagine, those people who were surveyed that were over the age of 65 and who don’t use the Internet tended to say they didn’t  use the Internet because they felt comfortable communicating and receiving media information in the more traditional ways via phone and cable television. And they didn’t feel comfortable using the Internet.

And for those people surveyed who were under the age of 65 the number 1 reason they gave for not having Internet access in their homes is the cost they’d have to pay to have Internet service installed in their homes.

The article also notes something we all know; and that is that people who don’t have access to the Internet at home can access it for free at their local public library!

In relation, the article mentions a lady over the age of 65 who kept having doors shut in her face as she tried to find a job because she didn’t know how to operate a computer – and what the article doesn’t mention; and what I hope all Southeast Steuben County Library patrons know is this – if you don’t know how to use a computer you can learn how to use one for free at the library! You can call the Reference/Tech Desk and make an appointment for a free One-On-One session. You can even come in for a session once a week to help you learn how to use a computer! Did I mention the service is free?

And having digressed a bit let me just finish up by saying that the article is very interesting because it illustrates how Internet access has changed our lives and become a ubiquitous necessity for students and people in the working world.

Here’s a link to the article

Reports Suggest A Gold iPhone Will Be Unveiled At Apple’s September 10 Press Event: A number of tech news sites, including The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D, are reporting that Apple will unveil a gold iPhone the color of champagne at its September 10 press event.

Granted I’m an Apple fan but I think that is cool! I think I’d like a champagne colored iPhone! The tech rumor mill is also a-buzz with unconfirmed rumors that Apple will introduce new iPhones in a variety of other colors on September 10th. Apple, as is usual, is mum on the subject so we’ll have to wait until September 10 to find out if the rumors are true.

Here’s the link to the short All Things D article:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


Paczkowski, John. (2013, August 19). Yes, Apple Will Sell a Gold-Tone iPhone. All Things D. Online. Accessed August 19, 2013.

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Walt Mossberg Weighs In On The Ways To Access Internet Video & Roku – The Most Popular Media Streaming Player In The U.S.

Walt Mossberg Weighs In On The Ways To Access Internet Video: Walt Mossberg is the Senior Personal Technology Columnist for the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D blog. And this week Mossberg offers an in-depth combination article and reviewcast (aka article with optional video review) on the five main ways you can get Internet accessed video to play on that large HDTV in your living room. The five ways are:

  1. Via media streaming players like the Apple TV and Roku player that you connect to your television and which take the Internet video they receive and pass it along to your television so you can watch it.
  2. Via gaming consoles like the Xbox & Playstation which of course also allow you to play games – but you can increasingly access Internet video via channels like Netflix and Hulu through these devices.
  3. Via Smart TVs: These are TVs that have built in Internet connectivity and feature built in access to Netflix and other Internet TV sources. Of course the downside to using this option to watch Internet TV is that you have to buy a new TV if you don’t’ already own a Smart TV!
  4. Via what Mossberg calls “beaming” – meaning that you bring up the video you want to watch on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and send that video to your TV to watch it. You can do this I a number of ways but the two most popular are: if you have an Apple phone or tablet and an Apple TV (the feature is called AirPlay) or if you’ve been lucky enough to snag the new, and very popular, Google Chromecast which will allow you to send video from your smartphone, tablet or PC to your television (the Chromecast looks like a large flash drive and plugs into an HDMI input on a TV). Just imagine Scotty on a little engineering deck inside your TV overseeing that the video signal is correctly beamed from the tablet or smartphone to the TV! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)
  5.  TiVO: This is an older device and usually used by people as a DVR in conjunction with a cable television subscription; however, you can use a TiVo to stream Internet TV to your television. The TiVo features Netflix, Hulu and Pandora channels (or perhaps we should start calling them TV apps because they appear on a TV as if they were large smartphone or tablet apps.)

Mossberg offers more details, including info on which devices have the most channels (or apps) and prices in the article– here’s the link:

Roku – The Most Popular Media Streaming Player In The U.S.: According to a PC Magazine article Roku is the most popular media streaming player sold in the U.S. The Roku player is deemed the most popular by the fact that according to a Parks Research report it is the most used media streaming player in the U.S. And I’m sharing this article & the report because I own both an Apple TV and a Roku player; and I too use the Roku player much more often that the Apple TV box because it has more channels and thus more options as to what I can watch or listen to!

Here is the link to the PC Magazine article:,2817,2423089,00.asp

And a link to the Parks Report on the subject:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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Choose Your Own Adventure Books Are Coming To The iPad & Cool Gadgets For Pet Owners

Choose Your Own Adventure Books Are Coming To The iPad:  Remember those paperbacks you, or your children or grandchildren, use to check out of the library that allowed you to choose your own adventure? They were sort of a role playing game wrapped in a book – you were offered an adventure and then your character could take several different paths during the adventure by turning to specified pages in the book that might lead your character to a glorious or not-so-glorious ending! The print versions of these books were very popular in the 1980s. And now the creators of the Choose Your Own Adventure books are working on creating an app for the iPad that will re-boot the role playing adventures for the digital age! The creators of the original series have launched a Kickstarter campaign to create the first new book in the brand new series titled “Your Robot.”

So sometime in the near future a series of Choose Your Own Adventure e-books will be available for the iPad. I must admit I think that is cool! Those were fun stories and now with the interactive e-book technology an app version will be even more interactive and fun than the original print books!

Here’s a link to a Verge story on the subject titled “’Choose Your Own Adventure’ creators want to bring classic books to life on the iPad:”

Cool Gadgets For Pet Owners: Being an animal and tech fan and living with two semi-domesticated felines who rule the roost, I was pleased to come across an article on gadgets for pets.

The article is titled “10 Gadgets For The Loving Pet Owner” and spotlights some cool gadgets for your pets. Some of the gadgets mentioned include the “FitBark” that is like the Nike FuelBand only for dogs! You fit the device on your dog’s color and it will track her fitness level throughout the day; then there’s the Automatic Pet Laser Toy which will allow your kitty hours of fun while he chases that elusive laser dot and the Tagg Pet Tracker which is a GPS device that attaches to your dog’s collar and then lets you track your dog wherever he may by via your smartphone or tablet. Cool stuff!

Here’s the link to the article:


Souppouris, Aaron. (2013, August 12). ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ creators want to bring classic gamebooks to life on the iPad. The Verge. Online. Accessed August 13, 2013,

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