Links To Nine Cool Tech News Stories & More!

It has been a really, really busy week in library land so here is a short listing of links to nine interesting tech related stories and three more links to interesting NPR stories regarding cool books and Chinese dumplings!

Article 1: This one is from the Apple Insider and relays the news that Apple will not show off new iPads at its September 10 press event – instead the emphasis will be on iPhones with a separate event on deck for October at which Apple will unveil new iPads:

New iPads will not be introduced at Apple’s Sept. 10 event

Article 2: This article discusses the new “Parallels” app which allows you to remote use your Mac or PC from your iPad:

Whoa: Parallels Access “turns” Windows, Mac apps into iPad apps

Article 3: This article discusses how museums and libraries are changing in our new high tech “Digital Age:”

Best of Both Worlds: Museums, Libraries, and Archives in a Digital Age

Article 4 is from the Oxford Dictionaries blog and offers info on new words added to the digital editions of the Oxford Dictionary:

28 August 2013: Oxford Dictionaries Online quarterly update: new words added to today

Article 5: This article offers info on a new trade-in/recycle program Apple is reportedly going to unveil next week for iPhone users to trade in their old iPhones:

Apple’s iPhone ‘Reuse and Recycle’ trade-in program detailed, begins rolling out this week

Articles 6 is a list of 25 technologies the website says will change the world in the near future – I’m not sure all of these technologies will change the world but it is a fun list to read through and speculate about which technologies will and won’t transform the world:

25 Cutting Edge Technologies That Will Change The World

Article 7 is for local AT&T customers – just an FYI AT&T is going to finally offer 4G LTE coverage in our area:
AT&T 4G LTE Available In Corning

Article 8 is to a Mac Daily News story that relays the rumor that a Star Wars app is being prepared for the Apple TV:

RUMOR: Disney prepping ‘Star Wars’ app for Apple TV

Article 9 is another one that focuses on streaming video from the web instead of having a cable TV package:
The End of TV as We Know It,9171,2149608,00.html

And the three NPR story links:

“Crime In The City: A summertime series about fictional detectives and the cities where they live”

“Mystery Series’ Portly P.I. Peels Back The Layers Of Delhi Society”

And here’s the link to a cool article on Chinese dumplings – yum!

“Move Over, Pot Stickers: China Cooks Up Hundreds Of Dumplings”

Have a great day!

Linda R.

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