Apple’s iOS 8 Launches Today!

As you may already know Apple is launching an upgrade of its mobile operating system software (iOS) today!

So you’ll be able to upgrade the software on your iPhone or iPad!

And here are links to a few articles that offer a bit more info on the new features of iOS 8!

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL

“Live: iOS 8 launch day – download status, app updates and more” from The Verge Site:

PSA: Don’t Enable iCloud Drive When You Upgrade to iOS 8 Yet – from the Mashable site:


“Swype keyboard launching on iOS 8 today for 99 cents” also from The Verge site:



Windows 8 Workshop This Week! (September 19!)

If you have questions about Windows 8 we’ve got a program for you!

Join us this Friday, September 19, 2014 at 11 a.m. for the latest in our monthly Senior Personal Technology series — this one is on Windows 8!

We’ll walk you through the basics of Windows 8; including how you turn off a Windows 8 PC, how you find your documents, photos and music files on a Windows 8 PC, and, what you can do with the two different sides of Windows 8 — the Start Screen tile/app side and the Desktop side!

Join us!
Linda, SSCL

Senior Tech Windows 8 Program 91914

If You Have A Home Depot Account — Change Your Online Password!

If you are half as busy as I am you may not have caught the news yet — that there has been another huge credit data breach — this time hackers broke into Home Depot’s in-store payment system. 

A Home Depot spokesman said of the breach, somewhat vaguely: “The breach may have affected any customer at Home Depot stores in the United States and Canada from April to early last week.”

So all of us that have Home Depot accounts should change our online passwords now!

And we should all, also, check out our free credit reports at least once a year just to make sure we don’t own thousands of dollars to a false account someone has set up in our names!

Here’s a link to a New York Time article on the Home Depot breach:

Have a great day & don’t forget the new iPhone is being announced today — at 1 p.m. EST!

Linda, SSCL