April Tech Programs @ The Library

I can’t believe April 1st is tomorrow! And since April is upon us it is time to post the upcoming tech/digital literacy programs for the upcoming month.

Here’s a link to a PDF flyer of the April tech programs being held at the library.

Please feel free to print the flyer off and pass it on to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to use their personal technology items!

SSCL Digital Literacy Services Programs April 2014 One Sheet

And for anyone interested in learning more about how to safely use a computer and to guard against being spied on while online you should join us tomorrow at 1 p.m. for our next Computer Security & Privacy workshop. The workshop is being hosted by a great volunteer and C.C.C. Computer Science Professor — D. J. Dates.

And DJ really knows his stuff — so if you are free tomorrow afternoon and curious about how you can use a computer and safeguard both your security and your privacy — join us!

The workshop is free and starts at 1 p.m. sharp.

Have a great day!

Linda R.

Resume Workshop with Lynn Paige April 23, 2014 @ The Library!

Hi everyone, we’ve got exciting news for residents of the Corning area region of library land!

Lynn Paige, the CSS Workforce wizard of resume creation workshops, is going to be presenting a new series of Creating an Effective Resume Workshops at the Southeast Steuben County!

This new monthly series, funded by a Community Grant the library received from The Southern Tier Library System, will run from April through November. And although we are still in the midst of finalizing the May – November workshop dates – the April date has been set!

The first Creating an Effective Resume with Lynn Paige workshop of 2014 will be held at the library on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

And Lynn really knows her stuff – she knows just the items you should include in a successful resume and which items you should leave out.

So if you’re a job seeker or know someone who is looking for a job – this is a great program to attend!

The program is free.

Registration is required.

To register call the Reference & Technology Desk at 607-936-3173 x. 502, stop in library or send an email to: DIGLIT@STLS.ORG

And if you have any questions about the workshop please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Have a great day!

Linda R.




Some Links To Cool Tech Stories You Might Have Missed

It is super busy in the Southern Tier region of Library Land and so I haven’t had time to type up a proper length posting to highlight just why I believe the following 5 articles are of note for the casual tech fan. However, briefly, article 1 is on the reported talks between Apple, that makes the Apple TV media streamer and Comcast and if those talks are successful than cable subscribers might be able to ditch their cable box for an Apple TV box and have some extra streaming options thrown into the mix as part of the Apple TV menu (like having access to Netflix right next to the channel apps for ABC, NBS, PBS & CBS! Article 2, despite the title, is a list of just announced gadgets that were awarded Engadget Editors’ Choice Awards – this gadgets include their best picks for some items  you might expect like the best smartphone and e-reader and some items you might not expect like the high tech Nest smoke detector; article 3 offers a report of Amazon’s upcoming, and not-yet-released, new smart phone that is reported to have many high end bells and whistles, article 4 offers a thoughtful CNET article on just which iPad is the right one for you (And I love iPads so I think everyone should have one!) and article 5 relays the fact that iTunes radio just got a NPR news station – and without further ado – here are the article titles and links for your tech reading pleasure! Have a great evening! Linda R.


  1.       Apple, Comcast nod to Net TV future (March 24, 2014)



  1.       The winners of the 2013 Engadget Awards — Editors’ Choice (March 21, 2014)



  1.       Amazon’s Answer To The iPhone Will Have Six Different Cameras [Report] (March 20, 2014)



  1.       Which iPad should you buy? Apple has four iPads for sale. Which do you get? Let us help. (March 20, 2014)



  1.       iTunes Radio Gets News Radio, Via NPR (March 24, 2014)



New Streaming Videos Added To The STLS Digital Catalog!

Hi everyone, today there are new streaming video titles available in the STLS Digital Catalog. You can check them out and stream them to your smartphone or tablet by simply installing the OverDrive Media Console app. And of course, you can check out free e-books and audio books too! I’ll be posting a separate list of new e-books and audio books that have been added to the STLS Digital Catalog today too shortly.

Have a great day!

And please pass the word on about the availability of the free streaming videos anyone can watch for free courtesy of our library and other libraries within the Southern Tier Library System.

Linda R.

Streaming Videos:

Title:                                                                        Creator/Director/Star:

95 Miles to Go(Documentary)                                T. Caltabiano  & Ray Romano

Accidental Hero: Room 408                                     Steve Rosen,

Adopted                                                                       Pauly Shore

Anansi and the Talking Melon                                  Eric A. Kimmell, Janet Stevens,

Changing Seasons: The Earth                                  Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Company Men                                                     Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones

The Education of Charlie Banks                                Jesse Eisenberg & Jason Ritter

Flight For Survival                                                      Martin Cray

Found Memories (Film Movement)                          Julia Murat, Lisa Fávero

If Only I Were…                                                            Carl Sommer, Kennon James

The Iron Lady                                                                Meryl Streep

Jack Goes Boating                                                          Philip Seymour Hoffman

Killing Them Softly                                                         Brad Pitt

The King’s Speech                                                           Colin Firth, H. B. Carter, G.Rush

Library                                                                              Sarah Stewart, David Small,

Little Fish                                                                         Cate Blanchett, Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving

Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity (Film Movement)  Sandra Oh, Ric Young,

Looking for Fidel                                                                 Oliver Stone, Fidel Castro

The Republic of Love (Film Movement)                          Bruce Greenwood, Emilia Fox, Deepa Mehta

A River of Waste (Documentary)                                      Don McCorkell

Sarah’s Key                                                                           Kristin Scott Thomas

Twilight Children (Documentary)                                     Marie Vidal-Michel

The Violin (Film Movement)                                             Don Ángel Tavira, Dagoberto

Yosemite: Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Devils Postpile

Sorry about the spacing above — here’s a link to a PDF version of the same list which has the proper, non-Word Press changed, spacing:

Newly Added Streaming Videos March 25, 2014

And the link below brings up our streaming video poster should anyone wish to print it off and/or share it!

OverDrive Streaming Video Poster

Have a great day!

Linda R.

Computer Security & Privacy Program @ The Library – Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guest presenter DJ Dates; Instructor in Computer and Information Science at Corning Community College will discuss Encryption and Script Blocking. This workshop will also help attendees gain insight on how to safely travel around their computer and the internet.

Program Date/Time: Tuesday, April 1, 2014; 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

This will be a terrific workshop hosted by an tech expert extraordinaire!

Join us — the program is free just call us at: 607-936-3713 x. 502 to register; or, you can email us to register — just send an email to: DIGITLIT@STLS.ORG and please put “Sign Me Up!” in the subject field!

 Computer & Security Program


Photos & Computers Workshop – This Wednesday, March 26, 2014!

Do have a digital camera and a computer?

Have you ever received digital photos from friend or family that you opened up on your computer and then couldn’t find again?

If so please join us for or Photos & Computers workshop this Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. and we’ll show you the basic transfer-photos-from-your-camera* ropes. We’ll also show you how to organize your photos into folders on your computer so you can keep all your vacation photos from 2013 in one folder and all your family reunion photos from 2012 in another!

So if you have questions about how to transfer photos to your computer and then how to organize them and find them – this workshop is for you.

Join us!

Have a great day!

Linda R.

 * Or smartphone – and you’ll need your smart phone to USB cable for that – call us if you are not sure what that is! Tel: 607-936-3713 ext. 502 and ask for Jenn or Linda.

And as a P.S. if you have your own laptop please bring it with you and we’ll walk you through the process on your own computer. And if you don’t have a laptop – never fear – we’ll have some of the library laptops set up so you can walk through the process without having to bring your own desktop computer with you!

March Teen Tech Program – This Friday, March 21 – LEGO bots!

 Join us this Friday, March 21, 2014 for our March Teen Tech Friday program!

This month’s tech topic is LEGO Mindstorms – which includes some hand on experience in building LEGO bots!

The program runs from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Registration is required just so we know how many people to set up for!

To register please call us at 936-3713 ext. 503 or stop by the combo Children’s & Young Adult’s desk.

And if you’re wondering what LEGO Mindstorms is – click on the following link which will take you to the Mindstorms  section of the LEGO website where you can see and read more about the Mindstorms kit and Lego bots!


Have a great day!

Linda R.

Humorous WSJ Video On The Impending Obsolesces of Windows XP

I came across this timely and very humorous WSJ video cast on the impending demise of Windows XP.

The video host, WSJ journalist Joanna Stern, is initially shown standing in front of a Windows XP screen with its bright green grass that, as she says, “never needs to be mowed” and with a bright blue sky above — and then she notes that Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP in April and after that the Windows XP universe really won’t be  a safe one to dwell in — and then she’s shown standing with an umbrella over her head on brown grass, with a dark sky above and with hail falling!

So if you’re  a tech fan and in the mood for a humorous video check out this one! 

And if you own a Windows XP PC you might consider one of the very solid options Joanna Stern mentions as an alternative to continuing to use Windows XP; because, indeed, as of April 8 although your XP machine will still run — it won’t be getting any more security updates from Microsoft. 

Have a great day!

Linda R.

Join Us For Our Next Pinterest Program Tomorrow @ 10:30 a.m. @ The Library

Hi everyone, just a friendly reminder about our Next Dream & Create with PINTEREST program– it is tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 from 10:30AM-12:00 PM!

Check out the links below to see what we will be creating NEXT week! We will be creating Burlap Table Runners and HomeMade KitKats!




And if you’re coming please let hostess Jenn know! You can give her a call at 936-3713 ext. 216 or send her an email at DIGLIT@STLS.ORG

And we hope to see you tomorrow at Pinterest!

Have a great day!
Linda R.

Digital Literacy Services

Southeast Steuben County Library

Streaming Videos Come To The STLS Digital Catalog!!

Hi everyone, if you’ve already checked out the Southeast Steuben County Library’s Facebook page — then excuse the duplication!

We’ve got very exciting news on the streaming video front today! Because as of today you can stream videos from the STLS Digital Catalog or through the OverDrive app for your smartphone or tablet — you don’t have to download them to a PC!

You can simply open the OverDrive app, which is available in your app store and the full name of which is OverDrive Media Console and then tap on any of the categories under the Streaming Video title or tap on “View More” which will allow you to browse all the streaming videos available — so all you need is an Internet connection –and you can watch movies, TV shows and documentaries on your tablet or smartphone very cool!

More videos will be added to the Digital Catalog streaming video library in the near future — in the meantime — enjoy!

Have a great day!
Linda R.