Some Links To Cool Tech Stories You Might Have Missed

It is super busy in the Southern Tier region of Library Land and so I haven’t had time to type up a proper length posting to highlight just why I believe the following 5 articles are of note for the casual tech fan. However, briefly, article 1 is on the reported talks between Apple, that makes the Apple TV media streamer and Comcast and if those talks are successful than cable subscribers might be able to ditch their cable box for an Apple TV box and have some extra streaming options thrown into the mix as part of the Apple TV menu (like having access to Netflix right next to the channel apps for ABC, NBS, PBS & CBS! Article 2, despite the title, is a list of just announced gadgets that were awarded Engadget Editors’ Choice Awards – this gadgets include their best picks for some items  you might expect like the best smartphone and e-reader and some items you might not expect like the high tech Nest smoke detector; article 3 offers a report of Amazon’s upcoming, and not-yet-released, new smart phone that is reported to have many high end bells and whistles, article 4 offers a thoughtful CNET article on just which iPad is the right one for you (And I love iPads so I think everyone should have one!) and article 5 relays the fact that iTunes radio just got a NPR news station – and without further ado – here are the article titles and links for your tech reading pleasure! Have a great evening! Linda R.


  1.       Apple, Comcast nod to Net TV future (March 24, 2014)


  1.       The winners of the 2013 Engadget Awards — Editors’ Choice (March 21, 2014)


  1.       Amazon’s Answer To The iPhone Will Have Six Different Cameras [Report] (March 20, 2014)


  1.       Which iPad should you buy? Apple has four iPads for sale. Which do you get? Let us help. (March 20, 2014)


  1.       iTunes Radio Gets News Radio, Via NPR (March 24, 2014)


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