The first article is from The Guardian and is titled “Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch to deal first blow in war for the wrist;” and it discusses a cool new wearable high tech watch made by Samsung:

The second article is from the Inventor Spot site and offers an overview of the new Android tablet/smartphone companion projector the EPICT EPP-100 which sounds and looks like a cool projector:

Android Computer-in-a-Projector: The New EPICT EPP-100

The third article is from the Trend Hunter site and is titled “The TrewGrip Mobile Keyboard Connects with on-the-go Technology” and it shows off a really interesting keyboard – it is a bent keyboard that is designed to fit over your leg – I think it is cool that there is a keyboard you can buy that is shaped like this but I think I’ll take the traditional and touch screen keyboards instead! (or better still voice activated command inputs which are getting better all the time!)

Here’s the link:

And the fourth article, is from the New York Times, and is titled “A 3-D Scanner Reaches for the Masses” and it offers more info on the 3-D scanning and printing technology that will shortly be coming to a business, public library and/or home near you!

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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