Choose Your Own Adventure Books Are Coming To The iPad & Cool Gadgets For Pet Owners

Choose Your Own Adventure Books Are Coming To The iPad:  Remember those paperbacks you, or your children or grandchildren, use to check out of the library that allowed you to choose your own adventure? They were sort of a role playing game wrapped in a book – you were offered an adventure and then your character could take several different paths during the adventure by turning to specified pages in the book that might lead your character to a glorious or not-so-glorious ending! The print versions of these books were very popular in the 1980s. And now the creators of the Choose Your Own Adventure books are working on creating an app for the iPad that will re-boot the role playing adventures for the digital age! The creators of the original series have launched a Kickstarter campaign to create the first new book in the brand new series titled “Your Robot.”

So sometime in the near future a series of Choose Your Own Adventure e-books will be available for the iPad. I must admit I think that is cool! Those were fun stories and now with the interactive e-book technology an app version will be even more interactive and fun than the original print books!

Here’s a link to a Verge story on the subject titled “’Choose Your Own Adventure’ creators want to bring classic books to life on the iPad:”

Cool Gadgets For Pet Owners: Being an animal and tech fan and living with two semi-domesticated felines who rule the roost, I was pleased to come across an article on gadgets for pets.

The article is titled “10 Gadgets For The Loving Pet Owner” and spotlights some cool gadgets for your pets. Some of the gadgets mentioned include the “FitBark” that is like the Nike FuelBand only for dogs! You fit the device on your dog’s color and it will track her fitness level throughout the day; then there’s the Automatic Pet Laser Toy which will allow your kitty hours of fun while he chases that elusive laser dot and the Tagg Pet Tracker which is a GPS device that attaches to your dog’s collar and then lets you track your dog wherever he may by via your smartphone or tablet. Cool stuff!

Here’s the link to the article:


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