Suggested Listening April 20, 2020

Hi everyone, here is our bi-weekly recommended listening posting for Monday, April 20, 2020.

Our listening suggestions today includes ten streaming albums, from the Freegal Music Catalog, and a selection of related music videos.

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Freegal Streaming Suggestions:

The Archies: Greatest Hits (1969) by The Archies (Ron Dante on vocals) (Genre: Pop/Soundtrack)

Cheerful bubble gum pop at its finest!

Song List:
Sugar, Sugar
Who’s Your Baby?
Get On the Line
Over and Over
Waldo P. Emerson Jones
Feelin’ So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.-D.O.O.)
Jingle Jangle
Sugar and Spice
Seventeen Ain’t Young
Everything’s Alright

At the Swing Cats Ball (2011) by Don Redman and His Orchestra (Genre: Jazz, Swing, Big Band)

Born in West Virginia in 1900, clarinetist, oboist, composer and music arranger Don Redman graduated from Storer College with a degree in music in 1920. Redman went on to work in the jazz field, playing first with Billy Paige’s Broadway Syncopators and later with jazz great Fletcher Henderson’s orchestra, before embarking on a solo career in the 1930s. The songs on this LP were recorded in 1957 in New York City, and were intended to be used by broadcast stations (aka TV). In addition to Redman, the recording sessions featured Joe Wilder, Seldon Powell and Coleman Hawkins; and they offer a great fly-on-the-wall type of listening experience! You can close your eyes and pretend you are in the studio, while the boys in the band are recording their up-tempo tunes on the other side of the recording booth, a stones’ throw away!

Selected songs, from the 29-song set:
Park Avenue Patter
Good Boog Di Goodie
Black Velvet
Ballade De Ballet
My Confectionary Baby
My Girl Friday
The Blame’s on You
Penthouse Alley
Seedless Grapefruit
Last Night in Town
To the River
Ballad ‘n Bounce

Cool Daddy-O – ’60s Beatnik Songs by Various Artists (Genre: Rock, Pop Culture) 

A 36-song collection of cool, hip music from the 1960s including songs by Edd “Kookie” Byrnes, who starred in the classic sixties TV series Sunset Strip, New Orleans music star Huey “Piano” Smith and even Herman Munster!

Selected song list:
Like, I Love You by Edd “Kookie” Byrnes
Beatnik by The Royal Jokers
The Beat Generation by Mamie Van Doren
Guy Lombardo’s Back In Town by The Hermit
Herman Munster Reads by Herman Munster
Enille by The Wild Man Of Wildsville
Line For Lyons by the Gerry Mulligan Quartet
Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop by Lionel Hampton
Real Crazy Cool Big Jay McNeely

Falling Debris (2009) by David Kilgour & Sam Hunt (Genre: Folk, Pop/Rock)

New Zealand Singer-guitarist and former Clean band member David Kilgour incorporates the great New Zealand poet Sam Hunt’s words into the songs on this album – the result is a terrific, introspective album – check it out!

Song List:
Everytime It Rains Like This
I Throw You Flowers
First One Hit
Talking of the Weather
Friend to Many
They Are Clouds
River Plateau Song
Return to Rangitoto
A Summertime Blues for Tom

Five Guys Named Moe Original Broadway Cast Recording (1992) (Genre: Soundtracks/Musicals)

Five Guys Named Moe tells that tale of Nomax, a sad soul whose girlfriend had just dumped him. Normax is comforted by the swinging music issuing from his vintage radio – but really, the show is about the music which comes from the catalog of the great swing artist Louis Jordan. Jordan recorded a very early music video of the song in 1943, which can be found in the suggested videos section!

A selection of songs in the 27-song set:
Early in the Morning
Five Guys Named Moe
Beware, Brother, Beware
I Like ‘Em Fat Like That
Messy Bessy
Pettin’ and Pokin’
Life Is So Peculiar
I Know What I’ve Got
Azure Te
Safe, Sane and Single
Push Ka Pi Shi Pie
Saturday Night Fish Fry

Live at Jazzhus Slukefter 1983 by Hank Jones (Genre: Jazz)

A classic album by Jazz pianist Hank Jones recorded live in Copenhagen in June 1983.

Song List:
Just Friends (Live)
Au Privave (Live)
Alone Together (Live)
Stablemates (Live)
It Could Happen to You (Live)
Scrapple from the Apple (Live)
Budo (Live)
Tangerine (Live)
What’s New (Live)

Mountain Frolic: Rare Old Timey Classics (1925-1930) by Various Artists:

Here is a collection of vintage string-band songs and ballads-this is what the mountain folks would sing and swing to on Saturday night in the ’20s and ’30s. A Crockett Family medley and The Bulldog Down in Sunny Tennessee by Doc Walsh join tunes by the Buckle Busters, Carolina Nighthawks and Bradley Kincaid plus a bunch by the Carolina Tar Heels: Roll On, Boys; Back to Mexico; Got the Farm Land Blues , and more! – JSP Records

Selected songs from the 25-song set
Medley Of Old Time Dance Tunes by the Crockett Family
Green Backed Dollar by Dr. Humphrey Bate & His Possum Hunters
Chesapeake Bay by Walter Couch & Wilks Ramblers
Fate Of Santa Barbara by Bascom Lamar Lunsford
North Bound Train by Nelstone’s Hawaiians
Rabbit Chase by Charlie Parker
Sugar Hill by Dad Crockett
No Business Of Mine by Smoky Mountain Ramblers

Shapeshifting (2020) by Joe Satriani (Genre: Rock)

Shapeshifting is the brand-new album by the modern rock guitar master Joe Satriani!

Song List:
Big Distortion
All for Love
Ali Farka, Dick Dale, an Alien and Me
Perfect Dust
Nineteen Eighty
All My Friends Are Here
Spirits, Ghosts and Outlaws
Falling Stars
Here the Blue River
Yesterday’s Yesterday

Soul of Country Music (1968) by Connie Smith (Genre: Country, Classic Country)

Soul of Country is a classic album by the classic county singer Connie Smith, and it harkens back to a time that seems simpler in retrospect, but in fairness it probably wasn’t!

Song List:
Don’t Keep Me Lonely Too Long
The Last Letter
Burning Bridges
I’m Your Woman
There Goes My Everything
It Only Hurts for a Little While
Family Bible
If Teardrops Were Silver
Walk Through This World With Me
It’s Such a Pretty World Today
Touch My Heart

Sunwatcher (2011) by Jeff Lederer (Genre: Jazz)

Sunwatcher is Saxophonist Jeff Lederer first solo album. This is a great, modern inspirational LP, check it out!

Song List
Albert’s Sun
Cristo Redentor
Arnold Schoenberg’s Son
Snake in the Blackberry Patch
Albert’s Love Theme
Break Bread Together

Recommended Videos:

Over And Over by The Archies

Sugar Sugar by The Archies

At The Swing Cats Ball by Don Redman & His Orchestra featuring Coleman Hawkings

My Girl Friday by Don Redman & His Orchestra featuring Coleman Hawkings

Like, I Love You by Edd “Kookie” Byrnes

Line For Lyons by the Gerry Mulligan Quartet

Every Time It Rains Like This by David Kilgour & Sam Hunt

I Throw You Flowers by David Kilgour & Sam Hunt

Five Guys Named Moe by Louis Jordan & His Orchestra

Early in The Morning from Five Guys Named Moe

I Know What I’ve Got from Five Guys Named Moe

Just Friends by Hank Jones

Tangerine by Hank Jones

Medley Of Old Time Dance Tunes by the Crockett Family

Rabbit Chase by Charlie Parker

Shapeshifting by Joe Satriani

Nineteen Eighty by Joe Satriani

Don’t Keep My Lonely Too Long by Connie Smith

It’s Such a Pretty World Today by Connie Smith

Arnold Schoenberg’s Son by Jeff Lederer

Sunwatcher by Jeff Lederer

Be well!

Linda Reimer, SSCL


Print References

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Online References


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