New OverDrive Big Read Title – eBook Available For Everyone Now!

Hi everyone, OverDrive has just dropped a new Big Read title!

And you may well be wondering “What on earth is a Big Read title?”

And the answer to that question is that Big Read titles are eBooks that are made available for simultaneous use, so the titles are available for anyone and everyone to check out at the same time!

OverDrive, the company that provides all the eBooks and downloadable audiobooks for patrons of all Southern Tier Library System member libraries, puts out Big Read titles several times a year; and when you see a Big Read title – you can check it out and enjoy it without waiting!

This time out the Big Read title is I’m Not Dying with You Tonight written by Gilly Segal and Kimberly Jones.

I’m Not Dying With You tells the story of two girls who must learn to trust each other to survive during a night when race riots break out in their city.

You can click on the cover of the eBook to be redirected to the Digital Catalog site where you can read a detailed description of the plot. Or, you can simply open the Libby or OverDrive app to check out the eBook as Big Read titles are listed at the top of the Libby & OverDrive home pages.

You can think of Big Read eBooks as book club titles as anyone/everyone can checkout and read them  at the same time and you can also join in the Big Read conversation and say just what you think about the current Big Read book!

Here’s the link to the Big Read I’m Not Dying with You Tonight discussion board:

Have a great day!

Linda Reimer, SSL

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