Suggested Reading June 24, 2019

Hi everyone, here are our recommended titles for the week, five digital titles, eBooks & downloadable audio books, available through OverDrive and five print titles available through StarCat.


Dark Storm by Karen Harper 

The suspenseful tale of Forensic psychologist Claire Markwood suspenseful hunt for her missing sister.

Fleishman Is In Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner

The story of Toby Fleishman, recently divorced after fifteen years of marriage, who is trying to find his way in the world only to be thrown a curve ball when his ex-wife drops their kids off for their weekend visitation and never returns.

The Rogue of Fifth Avenue

A romantic account of the romance between rogue Frank Tripp and the adventurous Mamie Greene in 19th Century New York.

Summer Country by Lauren Willig

A historical mystery chronicling why young Englishwoman Emily Dawson’s grandfather left her a previously unknown sugar plantation in Barbados.

Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense by Dan Abrams 

The true-life story of Theodore Roosevelt accusing his former friend William Barnes of political corruption and being sued by Barnes for libel in reply; the ensuing court-room spectacle was avidly followed by people across the nation in 1915.


The Course of History: Ten Meals That Changed The World by Struan Stevenson and Tony Singh:

The Course of History lets the reader be a proverbial fly-on-the -wall by offering ten true stories of monumental historical events that were decided over a meal, while also describing just what type of food was being served! The meals tales include that of Bonnie Prince Charlie who partook of liberal amounts of whiskey with his lamb and cheese the night of April 15, 1746, before sending his troops across Culloden Moor to meet the British Army the next morning, that Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were served Baked Alaska in 1789 while they worked out a compromise that included just where to put the capital of the United States, and that barley soup was served to FDR, Churchill and Stalin when they met in 1943 to finalize the Allied plan that would allow the Allies to win World War II. The book includes 10 recipes so you can make some of the vintage dishes at home!

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

The hopeful and humorous tale Evvie Drake Starts Over. Evvie, recently widowed and living alone in a large old house in a coastal Maine town, is drawn out of her increasingly solitary life when she rents an apartment at the back of her house to Dean, an out of sorts Major League pitcher who can longer pitch. A top-notch read from Linda Holmes co-host of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour.

The Light Brigade by Kameron Hurley

The Light Brigade is cool, cerebral science fiction yarn telling the tale of Dietz who joins the corporate military after her home city is destroyed by Martian extremists. In this tale, that has a time travel twist, intergalactic soldiers are turned to light and then reassembled on the battle field. And as the story unfolds Dietz begins to experience things out of sequence – events and the war in general. If you want to dig deep into a science fiction tale this is one for your proverbial money!

The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo

The Most Fun We Ever Had relays the story of Marilyn Connolly and David Sorenson a couple deeply in love, who marry in the 1970s and raise four daughters Wendy, Violet, Liza and Grace.

By 2016 Wendy is a lawyer who has put her career on hold to stay at home with her children, Violet is a young widow who tries to alleviate her pain with alcohol and dalliances, Liza is a professor at the pinnacle of her career who has just discovered she is expecting a baby and Liza, the youngest, has a big secret.

Clarie Lombardo has written a neat saga that chronicles more than 50 years in the life of the Sorenson Family – this a perfect summer read!

One Night At The Lake by Bethany Chase

Author Bethany Chase relays the story of Leah, her best friend June and Ollie, the man who first is Leah’s fiancée, and after a tragedy on Seneca Lake, becomes June’s fiancée. A dramatic tale to say the least!

Have a great week!

Linda Reimer, SSCL

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