Streaming Video?

Yes, yes, the library has a broad selection of streaming video content through Overdrive; definitely check that out here.

If what your really wondering about is which service you should opt to pay for… then there are review websites. You can find a lot just by searching the web. I often reference PCMag because they seem reputable and they come up quickly on a Google search, but there are others like ConsumerReports (to which the library has a subscription), or newspaper articles like NYTimes.

I’d like to highlight a review website because a woman named Liz bothered to reach out to me to bring an article from  I very much appreciated her email in part because, not a week earlier, a patron had inquired about Fire TV versus CBS All-Access in our one-on-one session. Serendipity, right? is “a small group of obsessive consumers with a passion for the truth, and the desire to find the best.” I’m impressed with them because 1) they secured a big domain name like, but 2) they review stuff without obnoxious advertising strategies. I’m also delighted by the thorough explanation of the review and process, and the recognition of multiple bests–multiple perspectives. So, yes, this is a shining review, and yes it in no way represents my public library’s view, but I still think it’s worth a visit to Liz’s website. Their list of reviews goes on and on.Reviews.JPG

What do you think, is #Quality Service?


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