Non-Fiction DVD Recommendations 12 2 17

Happy Saturday everyone!

Here are our three recommended non-fiction DVDs for this week!

(Click on the photos to request the DVDs)

Citizen Jane Battle for the City

Description: Citizen Jane is a timely tale of what can happen when engaged citizens fight the power for the sake of a better world. Arguably no one did more to shape our understanding of the modern American city than Jane Jacobs, the visionary activist and writer who fought to preserve urban communities in the face of destructive development projects. Director Matt Tyranuer (Valentino: The Last Emperor) vividly brings to life Jacobs 1960s showdown with ruthless construction kingpin Robert Moses over his plan to raze lower Manhattan to make way for a highway, a dramatic struggle over the very soul of the neighborhood.

Dewey Number: DVD 307 CIT


The First Silent Night:

Description: Join Simon Callow as he uncovers the origins of Silent Night, from the Austrian village of Oberndorf to the city of Salzburg, birthplace of the worlds favorite carol. Two impoverished children, Joseph Mohr and Franz Gruber, met one day in a country church, where they united Grubers music and Mohrs text into this classic carol about the birth of a third poor boy on a quiet night in ancient Palestine.

Dewey Number: DVD 781.723 FIR

Trailer: No trailer available.

Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Stingers and Zingers:

Description: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts were a fixture on NBC from 1973 to 1984. In those 11 years, Dean and his panel of pals successfully ridiculed, embarrassed and made fun of legendary stars like Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin himself, to name a few, and America loved it!

This 8-DVD set includes 24 complete Celebrity Roasts and features dozens of stars from the day, such as Valerie Harper, Jack Klugman, Tony Randall, Michael Landon, Carroll O Connor, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, Wilt Chamberlain, Danny Thomas, Ted Knight, Dan Haggerty, Mr. T, Ed McMahon, Redd Foxx, Joe Garagiola, Evel Knievel, Hank Aaron, Peter Marshall, Truman Capote, William Conrad, Monty Hall, Leo Durocher, Bobby Riggs, Joe Namath,  Bob Hope, Ed Asner, Lucille Ball, Georgia Engel, Milton Berle, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ruth Buzzi, Sid Caesar, Foster Brooks, Charo, Howard Cosell, Angie Dickinson, Phyllis Diller, Nipsey Russell, Lorne Greene, William Holden, Gabe Kaplan, Art Linkletter, Rich Little, Paul Lynde, Scatman Crothers, Dick Martin, Red Buttons, Audrey Meadows, Bob Newhart, LaWanda Page, Isabel Sanford, Harvey Korman, Soupy Sales, Jimmie Walker, Orson Welles and many more.

Dewey Number: DVD 791.4572 DEA

Trailer: No trailer available.

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Have a great weekend,
Linda, SSCL

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