Finding Voice Series Co-Sponsored by The Southeast Steuben County Library & The League of Women Voters of Steuben County

This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with technology…

However, I think it is super cool and wanted to share this information!

The Southeast Steuben County Library and the League of Women Voters of Steuben County are co-sponsoring a monthly issues forum to spotlight issues that might not otherwise come to the attention local citizens.

The series is titled Finding Voice and the goal is to offer people a way to have a say in a safe and courteous environment.

Each Finding Voice program includes a feature presentation and an open mic session. During the open mic session attendees are encouraged to speak up and say what is on their minds about any issue.

Each program will be held in the Community Room at the Southeast Steuben County Library.

The photos seen below feature sides A and B of the current Finding Voice programs brochure:

(Click on the photos for a larger view!)



And here is a link to a PDF version of that same brochure should you wish to print it off or share it!


If you have any questions about any of the programs in the series you can call the contact listed for each individual program or contact me at the library by email or phone.

Have a great day!

Linda Reimer

Southeast Steuben County Library

Tel: 607-936-3713 x 212


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