STARCat Basics

Hi everyone, as you may know STARCat is the name of our catalog of physical materials — and some digital materials too!

So here is a link to a PDF which offers you some basic tips as to how you can best search for items in STARCat:

StarCat Basics

The basic thing to remember about searching for items in STARCat is that if you’re not searching for a specific title or author but instead are searching for a subject — then you should use one or two broad search terms and not shoot for a really specific search as you would with Google.

For example, if you’re searching with Google you can indeed enter a search for “Sony Bravia TV repair manual” and you’ll get search results; however, if you enter that search into STARCat you won’t get any results — instead you can try searching with fewer search words and basic ones like “TV repair” — and then you’ll get results!

Of course the staff is always here to help at the library!

So if you have questions about how to use STARCat please let us know!

Have a great day!

Linda R.

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