OverDrive To Offer Streaming Videos & Music To Library Patrons

OverDrive is the name of the STLS Digital Catalog platform vendor. To translate that into common every day American English OverDrive is the name of the company that provides the software that allows library patrons to check out e-books, downloadable audio books, downloadable videos and music. And right now you can check out e-books and downloadable audio books to your smartphone, tablet or computer but video and music titles must be downloaded to a Windows computer which is a bit awkward to do. And of course, most people would rather be able to stream music and video titles to their smartphones, tablets and occasionally to their computers so they can watch or listen to library videos or albums whenever they want to without having to wait forthe title they are checking out to download.

And the good news is that streaming is coming to all libraries that use the OverDrive service to offer their patrons digital content – and that will include our library system in the near future – hurray!

The first library to get this new option for their patrons to be able to stream albums, movies and TV shows via OverDrive is the Los Angeles Public Library. OverDrive is expected to roll out streaming options for all libraries that it serves in the U.S. in the very near future.

And in the meantime – here’s a link to a No Shelf Required article by Wright State Universities Libraries Librarian Sue Polanka that offers more info on the OverDrive streaming service currently being offered to patrons of the Los Angeles Public Library:


And a second related article from Library Journal’s Digital Shift blog on the same subject:


And we will alert all our library patrons about the streaming option of titles they can check out from the STLS Digital Catalog – just as soon as that option becomes available.

Have a great weekend!

Linda R.

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