ZDNET’s List of 11 Amazing Technologies, Aereo Ask Supreme Court To Determine Its Fate & Walmart To Put iPhones 5 On Sale!

ZDNET’s List of 11 Amazing Technologies: The tech site ZDNet offers a cool article that discusses 11 technologies that either are already transforming how we live or are expected to in the near future. The article discusses the following eleven tech categories: Fiber Optics, Graphene, Cell Phone technology, Personal Computing Devices (desktops, laptops, tablets etc.), Nano Robots, Satellite Communications, Solar Cells, The Internet of Things, Transistors, The Internet and one of my favorites – 3 D Printing technology!

Here’s the link to the article:


Aereo Ask Supreme Court To Determine Its Fate: As you may recall Aereo is a tech company that assigns a small antenna and DVR to each of its customers. And this tech set up allows its customers to receive over the air broadcasts of network television shows and to stream those shows to their smartphones, tablets and computers and watch them whenever they want to!

Needless to say the traditional television networks and cable companies are not thrilled with Aereo and its business model which they believe hurts their financial bottom line. Aereo has so far been triumphant in the court cases brought against it by several traditional cable companies – the courts have ruled that the service is legal and Aereo can continue; however, the company has decided to appeal to the Supreme Court to answer the question once and for all of whether or not the Aereo service is legal within the United States. No doubt Aereo has decided to make this move because it takes money to continually counter court cases brought against the company by networks and cable companies in each new market Aereo is expands into.  And if the Supreme Court takes the case and rules in Aereo’s favor than that will settle the legality matter within the United States and allow Aereo to continue expanding its service without having to fund and fight a continuing series of court cases.

If the Supreme Court takes that case – it will be an interesting ruling to watch for because if Aereo wins it will change how we can access TV shows.

Here’s a link to a Gigaom article on this subject titled “Aereo asks Supreme Court to take copyright case, stop broadcasters “war of attrition”


Walmart To Put iPhones 5 On Sale! According to a Los Angeles Times report Walmart will begin selling the iPhone 5C for $27 and the iPhone 5S for $127 on December 13; of course you have to sign up for the standard two year contract to use the phones. However, if you’ve been waiting to pick up a new iPhone now might be the time as you’re unlikely to find lower prices on the new iPhone 5 models than those!

Here’s a link to that LA times article:


Have a great day!

Linda R.


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