Mark Zuckerberg On Making Internet Access Available For Everyone: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has created a new organization called “” in conjunction with tech companies Nokia, Qualcomm and Samsung. The goal of this new organization is to make Internet access available to everyone in the world.  According to two thirds of the people in the world cannot currently access the Internet; and Zuckerberg and the other members of are determined to change that fact. has released a three minute video featuring Mark Zuckerberg;  in which Zuckerberg notes that Internet access is a necessity for people today to be able to be innovative and creative and that the creativity and innovation of individuals can benefit humanity if those individuals have Internet access. Additionally, Zuckerberg offers some information on just how intends to reach its goal of making sure all the people on Earth have Internet access.

I applaud the goal of to make Internet access available for everyone across the globe!

Of course, access to information is a prime public library goal too. Public libraries exist to serve their patrons and one of the ways we do this is to offer patrons access to information contained in books and other printed material and information and resources they can access online. And with that information in hand our patrons can do all sorts of things including create a resumes to land a new job, learn how to create a new product and get a patent for it, write a book and self-publish it online, read public domain books, learn how to do algebra, learn more about history and much, much more. So here’s hoping that is successful with their global Internet access project.  

Here’s a link to a Next Web article titled Mark Zuckerberg: How to make the Internet 100x more affordable by lowering costs and reducing data which offers more information on and links to both the Mark Zuckerberg video and the site:

Unlocking Your Car Without A Key (Smartphone Required!): The Wall Street Journal offers a press release by the Voxx company. Voxx has announced that it has created a new keyless system for the Ford Motor Company. Customers who purchase select Ford Lincoln cars will be able to unlock their cars without a key. Instead of using a key the system allows car owners to unlock their cars with their smartphones via Bluetooth technology and an app called Lincoln Remote Access.

Being one of those people that locks myself out of my car on a regular basis; I find this new technology super exciting! Of course, I suppose I could leave my phone in my car with my keys but then I could simply pull out my iPad and use the Lincoln Remote App on it to unlock my car – if I owned a Lincoln Ford! I guess I have to still key track of my keys for the moment though…

Here’s a link to the Wall Street Journal webpage:

And here’s a link to the iTunes webpage which tells you more about the Lincoln Remote App:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


Young, Ken. (2013, September 30). Mark Zuckerberg: How to make the Internet 100x more affordable by lowering costs and reducing data. TNW. Online. Accessed September 30, 2013,

VOXX International Corporation Announces New Accessory Product Collaboration With Ford Motor Company. (2013, September 30). Wall Street Journal. Online. Accessed September 30, 2013,

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