It has been another super, super busy day in library land so this will be brief tech blog posting to simply note that the new iPhones, the iPhone 5 S and the iPhone 5 C, have gone on sale today; and that if you own an Apple TV video streaming player there is a software update for it today that no doubt complements the new Apple iOS 7.

Here’s a link to a Verge article on the just-went-on-sale-today iPhones:

And a link to a Wired article regarding the new Apple TV update:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Linda R.


Baldwin, Robert. (2013, September 20). Apple TV 6.0 Update Brings iTunes Radio and AirPlay From iCloud to the Streaming Box. Online. Accessed September 20, 2013,

Kastrenakes, Jacob. (2013, September 20). iPhone 5C and 5S go on sale with gold in short supply (update). The Verge. Online. Accessed Septemger 20, 2013,

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