What Kind Of Tech Programs Would You Like To See @ The Library?

As you may know, and if you don’t just FYI! The library offers a number of free tech programs and even free One-On-One sessions by appointment.

One-On-One Tech Sessions: Now of course the One-On-One sessions are made by appointment with a member of our tech staff, namely Jenn Gaylor or I, and these sessions offer people* an opportunity to come in with the new iPad, tablet, e-reader or PC they’ve just acquired and sit down with a person who is knowledgeable in the language of personal technology and just go over any questions they might have or listen to an overview of how their new device works. You can make a One-On-One tech appointment during any weekday/weekday evening hours the library is open so the appointment fits in with your schedule.

Tech Programs: Right now we are hosting a variety of tech programs on Wednesday afternoons and select evenings. Our current tech program offerings include programs on how to use the iPad, how to use Windows 8, how to do photo editing, how to use Excel, E-Fitness Resources (including a brief Wii workout) and how to use a Mac.

So my goal in creating this posting is to ask all library patrons reading this posting two simple questions regarding tech programs at the library:

  1. What tech topics would you like to see us create programs for in the future?


  1. What time would you find convenient to attend tech program at the library? In the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening?

And please feel free to make any additional comments regarding tech programs and services the library offers and/or ones you’d like to see the library offer.

Have a great day!
Linda R.

*One-On-One sessions may be made by individuals or small groups so if you’d like to come in yourself and learn how to use your new iPad or PC etc. you can do so and if instead you’d like to come in with your spouse, or a sibling or friend or two to learn how to use your new iPad, PC, e-reader or other gadget  — you can do that too! Just stop in the library or give us a call! You can make a tech appointment by calling 607-684-0361 or 607-936-3713 ext. 212.

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