Streaming Video: Giving Viewers What They Want To Watch When They Want To Watch It

The streaming and DVD subscription service Netflix has actually produced, and made available for streaming, a television series. Netflix remade the popular BBC series House of Cards. This new version of House of Cards was indeed made by Netflix itself as its first original presentation and it stars Kevin Spacey. And much ado is being made in the press of the fact that Netflix used Big Data*1 to decide to remake this series and to remake it with the actor they chose for the lead role (Kevin Spacey) and the director (David Fincher) they chose to direct the series.  

And although both the fact that the series is Netflix’s first foray into actually creating a new show and that it is the most popular streaming title Netflix has at the moment are very interesting; what I find the most interesting about the new series is that Netflix released the entire first season of the series all at once and viewers seem to really like that fact as they are streaming away and watching all the episodes in one or two sittings.  

And the fact that this option is so popular – that is having an entire season of a series available to stream from the Internet and watch the day it is released is so popular… that fact illustrates to me that the instantaneous availability of streaming video*2 is becoming more popular with mainstream television and movie fans. And that being the case, just maybe we’re a step or two closer to a television viewing model that is truly on demand and lets viewers watch any television shows or movies they want to watch when they want to watch them, via streaming, and on whatever device they want to watch them upon!

And here’s a link to the New York Times article that started my streaming video musings for today – it is titled Giving Viewers What They Want – here’s the link:

And on a non-tech FYI note – Tolkien and fantasy fans can now pre-order The Hobbit as the video now has a release date! It will be released on DVD and streaming video on March 19!

Have a great day!

Linda R.



*1) In this case the term “Big Data” simply means that Netflix took a look at the user data they have on hand to see which television subjects, directors and actors are popular with viewers and used that information to make the decision to remake the series House of Cards and with the director and cast that they chose to use for the production.


*2) In the case of the new House of Cards series streaming availability is extra notable because the series is currently only available to Netflix subscribers to stream via the Internet – it has not yet been released on DVD.





Carr. David. (2013, February 24). Giving Viewers What They Want. New York Times. Online.



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