More On Which E-Book Or Tablet You Should Buy: The tech site Mac Observer has started a nice series of articles regarding which e-reader or tablet you should purchase; depending of course upon what you want to do with an e-reader or tablet – that is what you intend to use it for – just reading – or reading and doing a variety of other things with it like read email, surf the web and watch videos.

I think the article nicely complements the David Pogue New York Times article I mentioned yesterday – the one where Mr. Pogue attended an NPR Tech question and answer session, having thoroughly boned up on what to say about which tech devices people should buy in advance, and found that the only questions he was asked – and there were many of them – regarded which e-reader or tablet a person should buy or should buy for someone else as a gift.

The Mac Observer article, titled Everything About Ebooks, Ereaders, Part I: An Introduction, goes into a bit of detail about what the author John Martellaro deems the “Consumer tablet” ecosystems and what I usually refer to as the Reading Tablet ecosystems.

Reading/consumer tablets are those tablets that are a step above entry-level e-ink e-readers and feature color displays and yet are several steps below fully-fledged tablets like the iPad or Google Nexus series in terms of what you can do with them. And that side of the equation – the ecosystems of reading (consumer) tablets is an important one to look at if you want to purchase an e-reading device that you can also watch movies and TV shows on and listen to music and/or audio books through; because the word “ecosystem” in this sense really means which store do you wish to purchase all your tablet content from? Amazon or Barnes & Noble…

And if you wonder why I keep mentioning e-readers and tablets* and what you can do with them; it is because I think they are transforming how people read and I think we, meaning the members of western society collectively, are quickly moving towards the tipping point as far the adoption of e-reading devices goes. And that is rather the long way around the barn of saying that I believe in the near future most people will read most e-books and access most Internet based information on tablets and wall displays and not via desktops or laptops.

So without further adieu here’s the link to the Mac Observer article:

Upcoming Library Tablet & E-Reader FYI Programs: The library will be hosting two e-reader/tablet related programs in the next week and they are:

Saturday, December 1: From 10 – Noon: How To Download Library E-Books To A Nook @ Barnes & Noble (in Horseheads): If you have questions about how to use your Nook, or a Nook you are buying as a gift – stop by and ask us we’ll be on hand at Barnes & Noble this Saturday morning to answer any and all e-book/e-reader related questions!

Thursday, December 6: 6:00 – 7:00 PM-ish: Try it Before You Buy It!  This one is a low-key hands-on program that you do not have to sign up for – just come to the library! We’ll have e-readers, tablets a MacBook Pro and a Windows 8 laptop with a touch screen that you’ll be able to look, play with and ask questions about as a precursor to actually buying a tablet, e-reader or laptop during the holiday season.

Sparkle Note: And if you’re at Sparkle this Saturday evening you can even stop by the Southeast Steuben County Library booth and ask us e-reader and tablet questions; like the most popular one we get “Does the library have free e-books?” (Hint – the answer starts with a Y!). The library booth will be in the block between Wall and Cedar and we hope to see you there!

Have a great evening!

Linda R.

*Other than the fact that I work in a public library and am a librarian – so of course that being the case I do tend to focus just a little bit on books…(insert subtle humor here…)

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