iTunes 11 Debuts: Apple’s iTunes has been upgraded to version 11. iTunes is of course, the Apple music/media store where you can purchase music, movies, audio books and/or television shows from your computer or mobile Apple devices. This new version of iTunes seems to offers a major redesign. Art-work is featured front and center in this new version and it all reminds me more of the look of the apps on a tablet that the way iTunes looked on a PC or Mac in version 10. In addition to the re-design iTunes 11 is supposed to have a number of new features – mostly related to iCloud integration.

Here’s a link to a Tech Crunch article, simply titled iTunes 11, that offers more in-depth information on the new version of iTunes:

The Freedom Of The Internet & A New U.N. Regulatory Communications Treaty: The Internet since its inception has been an open forum for the free expression of ideas. And as it has evolved the ability it offers us to communicate with almost anyone almost anywhere in the world at anytime has transformed the world. I’m sure you all know all of that – however, what you may not know in relation, is that the International Telecommunications Union, which is a part of the United Nations, is hosting a conference in Dubai in December to revise the International Telecommunications Regulation Treaty. Now the ITR Treaty was put in place in the mid nineteen eighties before the evolution of the Internet; and of course, a number of lobby groups are interested in gaining the power to regulate the Internet in their countries so this is something we proponents of free speech and freedom of thought should be aware of!

Here are links to two articles that offer more information on this subject.

The first article is written by Ross LaJeunesse, Google’s Global Head of Free Expression and International Relations, and is titled Who Should Control The Internet? The People Who Use It and is from the Huffington Post:

And the second article is from the site Tech Crunch is written Ingrid Lunden and is titled If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It: EU Adds Its Voice To The Chorus Opposing More Internet Regulation Ahead of Key ITU Dubai Meeting:

Have a great day!

Linda R.

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