Google Pulls The Nexus Q Media Player: Google has pulled the Nexus Q media streaming player from the market before it has even gone on sale! Google has done this due to the great many negative reviews the device has received from Tech reviewers. The Nexus Q is another media streaming device, like the Apple TV and Roku players that allows users to stream content from the Internet to their television sets. Apparently, Google decided, based upon the overwhelming negative reviews of the device; that is isn’t ready from prime time yet. And for those lucky persons who pre-ordered the device – they will actually receive a free version of the media streaming player.

Here’s a link to a New York Times Bits blog article on the subject tilted Google Delays The Nexus Q After Poor Reviews:

Amazon Instant Video iPad App Now Available: Amazon has just released an iPad app for their video store. So now you can rent or purchase videos from Amazon and watch them on your iPad. You can also access any TV shows or movies you have previously purchased from Amazon. And on a related note, you can also watch any movies or TV shows you purchase from Amazon on your TV via a media streaming player like the Roku Player.

The tech site Mashable offers an article on this subject today it is the aptly titled Amazon Instant Video iPad App, here’s the link:

Is Craigslist Stuck In The 1990s?: The New York Times Bits blog also offers an article today detailing how the very popular Craigslist site, that allows users to sell their goods online, has not kept up with the times and has also tried to stamp out innovative ways users have come up with to more easily search the site. The article is titled Disruptions: Innovations Snuffed Out by Craigslist – here’s the link:

Linda R.

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