Hulu Plus Comes To Apple TV: Apple TV owners will find a pleasant surprise today. Apple has added Hulu Plus access to it Apple TV service. This is probably because the recent upgrade of Mac OS software by Apple has enabled Mac and Apple TV owners to stream Hulu content from the Internet directly to their HDTVs without having to purchase a $7.99 per month subscription to Hulu Plus. Granted streaming the content requires a few extra steps but it is free. And all Apple TV owners who don’t wish to bother with the extra steps – they can now easily subscribe to Hulu Plus from the Apple TV menu.

Here’s a link to a CNET article on the subject, titled Hulu Plus not showing up on your Apple TV? Restart it, which obviously advises Apple TV owners that don’t immediately see the Hulu Plus app on their Apple TV menus to re-start their Apple TV boxes:

Microsoft Launches New Email Service And Will Do Away With Hotmail: Today Microsoft launched a new e-mail service called Outlook. This new email service is being seen as a complement to its business email software of the same name. The new email service will eventually replace Microsoft’s Hotmail email service and Hotmail users are being encouraged to transfer their accounts over to the new Outlook service. You can find the new Outlook site at:

And here’s a link to a New York Times Bits article, titled Microsoft Reboots E-Mail Efforts With a Familiar Name, that offers more information on the subject:

Linda R.


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