Great Adventure Travel & Scenic Photography iPad Apps

If you like to travel and like scenic photographs you should check out the new iPad apps created by Fotopedia. Fotopedia is a company created by a long time Steve Jobs associate named Jean-Marie Hullot. Mr. Hullot credits the late Mr. Jobs with instilling in him an attention-to-detail and make-the-product-as-perfect-as-it –can possibly be type of attitude. And that quest for perfection shows in the visually stunning Fotopedia apps for iPad. The apps range from one on the National Parks, to ones on Paris, Japan and even covering Wild Friends for those who enjoy seeing photos of animals in their natural settings. These apps are all free from the App Store and you really should check them out as they are visually stunning. In fact the apps look so good they just might inspire you to actually take a trip as they feature helpful travel planning tips for each location they cover as well as gorgeous photos.

The New York Times Bits Blog has an article on these visually sumptuous apps today, here’s the link:

Linda R. 

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