Newsy For Roku, New Movie Theater Sound System & The New B&N Nook

Newsy App For Roku: The folks that put out the Newsy app, and maintain the corresponding Newsy website, have now come out with an app for the Roku media player. For those of you not familiar with Newsy it is a news app that won the 2011 Appy Award for best News App, that offers video news stories cited from multiple sources. The app is free and already available for both Apple and Android devices. And now you can get one for your Roku player and watch the news stories in a great variety of categories on that large HDTV in your living room.

It is a fun news app – I tried it out on my Roku player last night!

And here’s a link to a WebProNews article on the subject:

New Movie Theater Sound System: In the near future when you go to the movies and the characters on the screen experience an earthquake or a thunderstorm you’ll be able to experience them too! You’ll be able to feel the vibrations of the earthquake or thunderstorm courtesy of a new Doby sound system called Doby Atmos.

So we can look forward to even more realistic movie experiences in the near future!

Here’s a link to a New York Times Bits article on the subject:


New Barnes & Noble Glowlight Nook: I already mentioned the new Glowlight Nook in this blog last week. However, notable New York Times tech columnist David Pogue has written an article, titled New E-Book Reader Sheds Light on Every Page, which praises the new Nook as the first E-Ink reader with a built in illumination feature so I thought I’d share the link to his article:


Linda R.

4 thoughts on “Newsy For Roku, New Movie Theater Sound System & The New B&N Nook”

  1. Hi Linda, Have you had a chance to try the new glowlight Nook? Do you have an opinion on it yet?

    1. No I haven’t but I know it received a CNET Editors Choice Award and it is the first in a new category of E-Readers — so that is cool. I prefer to read E-Book on my 9.7″ iPad. However, I will check out the Glowlight Nook after it is available in stores on May 7.

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