DVDs Are On The Way Out: The number of media formats seen in the last forty years boggles the mind! I can recall using 8-track tapes in cars, playing analog tapes on my Walkman and playing Star Trek laser discs in my laser disc player. And just as Betmax and VHS tapes made way for DVDs to become the most popular video format; now the digital video format is now gaining ground towards becoming the next dominant media format.  You can stream and/or download music, E-Books and videos already from a variety of devices; however, streaming TV shows and movies to that big screen TV in your living room – that is what is gaining traction now. Most new TVs and DVD players even come with built in streaming capabilities. And if you don’t want to buy a new TV you can always buy a small media streaming box like the Roku Player, Apple TV, Boxee Box or Google TV and connect it to your TV and voila! You’re streaming the next season of Downton Abbey to your TV and watching it whenever it is convenient to you!

Here’s a link to a WebProNews article on the growing popularity of streaming video:


Moms Are Tech Wizards! According to a recent Wall Street Journal Market Watch article Moms are the most tech savvy persons, on average, in any family. They tend to be the ones who keep up on all the latest and greatest gadgets and tech upgrades so they can assist their individual family members in keeping up with the new technology too. And I’m sure the new streaming options for games and video are necessary things for Moms with tech savvy kids to know all the ins and outs of!

Here’s a link to the mentioned MarketWatch article that discusses this subject in more depth:



Have a great weekend everyone!

Linda R.

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