Yesterday the Harry Potter series made its digital debut. J.K. Rowling actually had a much better crystal ball than Professor Trelawney.  She had the foresight back in the 90’s to keep the digital rights to the Harry Potter series. So essentially J.K. Rowling is self-publishing the Harry Potter E-Books and E-Audios through her Pottermore website – and thus she has both the responsibility for publishing the E-Books and gets to keep all the profits from the sale of the E-Books!

You can purchase Harry Potter E-Books for most E-Readers and tablets including the iPad, all versions of the Kindle and all versions of the Nook.

The first three Harry Potter E-Books cost $7.99 and the last four cost $9.99 or you can purchase the entire E-Book Collection for $57.54.

And the E-Audios are similarly priced; the first three E-Audios cost $29.95, the last four E-Audios cost $44.95, and the entire E-Audio collection can be purchased for $242.94.

And on a related note, all the e-versions of the Harry Potter works are available DRM free! And for those of you who may not be familiar with DRM (also called Digital Rights Management) it is the restrictive software built into digital content that makes it difficult for an E-Book purchaser to access E-Books and/or transfer E-Books to e-devices (other than the device the E-Book was purchased for initially*). For those of you who have dedicated E-Readers other than Kindles and have checked out E-Books through the Library’s Digital Catalog – you know just what I mean! The DRM software, which publishers are responsible for incorporating into the make up of E-Books as an anti-e-piracy tool, is what makes checking out free Library E-Books a somewhat cumbersome multi-step process. J.K. Rowling has thankfully decided to ditch the DRM process and instead go with what is known as the Watermark process. Watermarking E-Books and E-Audios will show when and where the E-Books/E-Audios were purchased but without locking those E-Books or E-Audios down – the Pottermore site well sums up the Watermarking process by very civilly noting: “The Pottermore Shop personalises eBooks with a combination of watermarking techniques that relate to the book, to the purchaser and the purchase time. This allows us to track and respond to possible copyright misuse.”  Thus the Harry Potter E-Books will be easy to use and access. And as soon as I go through the process of purchasing one of the Potter E-Books I’ll have an update as to how easy the process is!

Additionally of note, you can purchase the Harry Potter E-Books and E-Audios through the Amazon or Barnes & Noble sites (you’ll be re-directed to the Pottermore site) or, you can simply go to the Pottermore site found at:

Linda R.

*For example, my first E-Reader was a Sony Reader and I purchased all of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books available at the time for my Sony Reader. Since then I’ve moved on to reading E-Books on my iPad and sometimes on my Kindle; however, I cannot move the E-Books I bought for my Sony Reader onto my iPad or Kindle because they are locked down, by the DRM software, so that they can only be read on my Sony Reader. So essentially, I have to either read the early adventures of Harry Dresden on a 6” e-ink screen or re-purchase the E-Books so I can read them on my iPad or Kindle.

And here is a link to a neat article titled “What Book Publishers Should Learn from Harry Potter” that gives a more                    in-depth explanation about why DRM is undesirable!

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