If you’re a Facebook fan you’ll probably have noticed that although there is a Hulu app for Facebook there isn’t a Netflix app for Facebook.

And there is a reason for that!

It turns out that there is 1980 law that was enacted because a journalist published an article listing the videos that then Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork had checked out from a video store. After that incident a privacy law was passed that prohibits video rental stores from giving out information regarding which videos a person has checked out to third parties; and since a Facebook Netflix app would allow Facebook users to share what movies they’ve watched with others it seems that a Netflix Facebook app is illegal. Or at least, the law seems to make whether a Netflix Facebook app is legal or not a gray area. And that is why there isn’t currently a Netflix Facebook app because Netflix isn’t sure if it is legal for them to create one!

Essentially, it is a case of the technology changing faster than the law can keep up with it!

And should you be interested in reading more about the situation, here’s a link to a CNN story, titled Why A Netflix Facebook App Would Be Illegal, on the subject titled


Linda R.

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