The Near Future Of Smart Homes & National Geographic Offers Map That Shows The Earth With All The Ice Melted

The Near Future of Smart Homes: Right now we’ve got cool devices that make our “dumb” homes semi-smart! Items like the Belkin WeMo Home Automation Switch, which looks like an outlet you plug into an electric outlet and when you use it you can control whatever devices (i.e. lamps, coffee makers etc.) you have plugged into a switch and remotely turn that device on or off via your smartphone or tablet or the Nest Thermostat which also allows you to remotely, via an app, turn the heat up or down in your house.

However, homes are going to become even smarter in the near future. Imagine a home with connected display glass throughout it, just like you see on the Corning Inc. “Day Made of Glass” YouTube clips. You can be standing in your den and speak to the display  on the wall and say “I’d like to order take out tonight” and the interactive computer system will display local restaurants that offer take-out. And if members of your family are in other rooms of the house they’ll be able to see the information on the displays near them too. Or you can be making coffee in your kitchen and have a co-worker send you a text or video that appears on your kitchen counter and you can reply to that text or message while sipping your morning coffee. And you get the idea! This is cool technology that is coming soon!

If you haven’t seen any of the three longer “Day Made of Glass” clips here’s a montage of those clips that Corning posted to their YouTube page which shows off the cool, computer connected display glass that is coming in the near future to a home near you! The clip is titled “A Day Made of Glass Montage:”

And here’s a link to a Gigaom article titled ‘We need computer sight to make smart homes smart;” which offers more information on how homes will become smarter soon:

National Geographic Offers Map That Shows The Earth With All The Ice Melted: National Geographic has created a cool but frightening map of the world which shows both where the shorelines are now on all continents and where they will be if all the ice in the world melts. Here’s the link:

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Linda R.


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