Apple iPad Event Announced & Today Is Ada Lovelace Day!

Apple iPad Event Announced: Apple officially announced today that it is holding a press event next Tuesday, October 22 in San Francisco. Of course, Apple likes to keep the wraps on its new products and product upgrades until it unveils them so Apple didn’t say in the press invitations that it is actually going to launch an updated version of the iPad next Tuesday. Instead, Apple sent out invitations that feature multicolor elliptical shapes on the front and say on the inside: “We still have a lot to cover.” So it while it is almost a sure thing that Apple will unveil an upgraded iPad model on the 22nd they might also be unveiling something else but we will have to wait until October 22 to find out!

Here’s a link a to a USA Today article on the subject titled “Apple invites go out for Oct 22 event in San Francisco” which features a photo of the colorful invitation:

Today Is Ada Lovelace Day! If you have never heard of Ada Lovelace before you’re not alone! I had never heard of her before today either. However, Ada Lovelace was a 19th century mathematician and she is credited with creating the first computer program!

When she was young Lovelace was encouraged by her mother to study mathematics and science as a determent to the romantic lifestyle of her father the famous poet Lord Byron. And Ada Lovelace Day is celebrated annually to both spotlight the contributions women have made to the math and science fields and to encourage young women to study and pursue careers in the math and science fields.

Here’s a link to a New York Times Bits blog article on Ada Lovelace Day:

And a link to a biography of Ada Lovelace who was born Augusta Ada Byron on December 10, 1815:

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Linda R.


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