The Livescribe 3 Smartpen Sends Written Notes To Your iPhone or iPad, Advancing Prosthetic Technology & Read A Book For Halloween!

The Livescribe 3 Smartpen Sends Written Notes To Your iPhone Or iPad: There have been apps that you can use to take written notes on a tablet or smartphone for several years. However, the new Livescribe 3 Pen for the iPhone/iPad makes it easy to quickly transfer your handwriting to your tablet or smartphone; you first pair the pen with your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth and then open the Livescribe app, turn on the pen and your notes display on your phone or tablet screen as you are writing them on a Livescribe physical notebook (they look like those spiral bound tablets we all used in high school).

Additionally of note, you can quickly convert your handwritten notes into text and share your written words with other by email.  The Livescribe 3 smartpen costs $149 and is used in conjunction with a Livescribe notebook. This is cool modern technology because people are always going to want to be able to write and draw and with this smartpen technology you can write notes and easily share them with others digitally. Support for Android devices is supposed to come soon so if you have an Android phone or tablet you should too be able to use this cool new smartpen in the near future.

Here’s a link to an Engadget article on the new Livescribe 3 smartpen:

And another article on the same subject from the tech site The Verge:

Advancing Prosthetic Technology: In the recent past if you lost an arm or leg the prosthetic replacement you received was probably very simple and might have consisted of a simple hook for a replacement hand or a simple foot and/leg prosthetic for a foot and/or leg replacement; but today all of that is changing. As our technology advances, prosthetics are becoming more high tech and more sophisticated using built-in computer controlled technology. These new high tech prosthetics not only look more like real appendages but also allows their owners finer motion control than was ever available with a prosthetic before. And in the not so distant future, as this technology advances and evolves, new high tech appendages may rival Luke Skywalker’s replacement arm seen in The Empire Strikes Back – because they will offer their owners the ability to actually feel with their replacement appendages and thus amputees will be able to use replacement limbs in the same way they would have used the limbs they were born with! This is cool upcoming technology!

Here’s a link to a Guardian article on the subject titled “The technology that puts the human touch into prostheses: The touch-sensitive technology used in smartphones is helping to create a revolution in artificial limbs:”

Read A Book For Halloween! And you may well be wondering “What on Earth does reading a book to celebrate Halloween have to do with personal technology?” And the answer is: “Not a thing!” Unless of course you’re going to read a scary e-book to celebrate Halloween on your e-reader, tablet or smartphone!

I just thought it was cool that there is actually a movement afoot to encourage people to read scary stories and give friends and relatives scary books to celebrate Halloween. It seems that the author Neil Gaiman first suggested doing this in 2010 and it is starting to catch on!

And of course you can always check scary book out of the library too and read them to each other on Halloween evening!

Here’s a link to an InkyGirl blog posting on the give-a-scary-book-instead-of-candy-for-Halloween movement:

And, in relation, here’s a link to an Oxford University Press blog posting & reading list of suggested scary/spooky stories for adults who wish to read in celebration of Halloween:

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Linda R.


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