Suggested Listening October 12, 2018

Hi everyone, here are our musical recommendations for the week; five streaming suggestions* and one recommended album on CD.

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Freegal Streaming Suggestions*

Jammin’ in Georgia by Harlem Stompers (Genre: Blues/Jazz):

The Harlem Stompers consisted of drummer and band leader William Henry “Chick” Webb, John Trueheart on guitar, Don Kirkpatrick on piano, Bobby Stark on trumpet, Johnny Hodges on saxophone and Ella Fitzgerald as a featured vocalist. The group formed in the late 1920s and played through the 1930s with an expanded line-up. Unfortunately, Webb died young in 1939 at the age of  only 30 but fortunately, the great music he produced lives on.

This collection features just four great songs and gives you a good idea of the style of music that was popular during the Harlem Renaissance years.

The LP contains the songs: Jammin’ in George, My Understanding Man, Serenade to a Jitterbug and The Monkey Swing.

The Psychedelic World Of The 13th Floor Elevators (Genre: Rock, Psychedelic, Garage Band):

The 13th Floor Elevators hailed from Kerrville, Texas; and at its creative peak in the mid-sixties, the band consisted of Stacy Sutherland, John Ike Walton, Benny Therman, Tommy Hall and vocalist Roger Erickson. Erickson became the lead singer and front man for the band.

The Psychedelic World of The 13 Floor Elevators was the band’s first albums and its 1966 release date shows it is clearly one of the first psychedelic rock LPs to be released.

And to this listener’s ears, the music sound a bit psychedelic and bit like a garage band; by any designation though, this album features fun rock n roll!

Songs on the LP include: Your Gonna Miss Me, Roller Coaster, Splash 1, Everybody Needs Somebody and the aptly titled Fire Engine.

Under The Covers, Vol. 1 by Susanna Hoffs & Matthew Sweet (Genre: Rock):

Hoffs and Sweet are both huge fans of sixties pop and rock, which is something you can hear in their solo projects, and of course, in Hoffs’s work with The Bangles.They join up for this album to record cover versions of some great sixties songs – and they succeed in offering an upbeat and fun album that shows their obvious love for the music.

Songs on the LP include: And Your Bird Can Sing, It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue, Who Knows Where the Time Goes, The Warmth of the Sun and Different Drum.

Wish I Was Here by Various Artists (Genre: Soundtrack, Indie, Pop, Rock):

This 2004 soundtrack features a collection of contemplative songs by a mix of artists old and new.

The coming of age theme of the movie sets the tone for the songs on the soundtrack which include: So Now What by The Shins, Wish I Was Here by Cold Play & Cat Power, Mend by The Weepies, The Obvious Child by Paul Simon and Raven’s Song by Aaron Embry.

Recommended CD of the Week:

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) & Magical Mystery Tour (1967) by The Beatles (Genre: Rock):

I’m recommending two albums on CD this week because I came across the neat video for Strawberry Fields Forever on YouTube while doing research for this posting, and, the song was the first one recorded for the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band but didn’t appear on an album until Magical Mystery Tour was released.

And the music of The Beatles is always worth another listen.

And incidentally, our library owns all the Beatles albums on CD – so check them out!

Songs on Sgt. Pepper include: With A Little Help From My Friends, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Getting Better, Fixing A Hole, Lovely Rita and Good Morning Good Morning.

Songs on Magical Mystery Tour include: Fool On The Hill, Magical Mystery Tour, Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, I Am The Walrus and All You need is love

Videos of the Week:

Jamin’ In George (1939) by Harlem Stompers

You’re Gonna Miss Me by 13th Floor Elevators

Different Drum by Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet

So Now What? By The Shins

Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

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Artist Biography & Discography Information:

The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits by Joel Whitburn (Billboard Books. New York. 2009.)

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance By Aberjhani, Sandra L. West

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Daily Print & Digital Suggested Reads: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hi everyone, here are our suggested daily recommended titles in print and digital formats.

Our Digital Catalog suggested title for today is the e-book:


Elephant Company: The Inspiring Story of an Unlikely Hero and the Animals Who Helped Him Save Lives in World War II by Vicki Croke:

The remarkable story of James Howard “Billy” Williams, whose uncanny rapport with the world’s largest land animals transformed him from a carefree young man into the charismatic war hero known as Elephant Bill.

Billy Williams came to colonial Burma in 1920, fresh from service in World War I, to a job as a “forest man” for a British teak company. Mesmerized by the intelligence, character, and even humor of the great animals who hauled logs through the remote jungles, he became a gifted “elephant wallah.” Increasingly skilled at treating their illnesses and injuries, he also championed more humane treatment for them, even establishing an elephant “school” and “hospital.” In return, he said, the elephants made him a better man. The friendship of one magnificent tusker in particular, Bandoola, would be revelatory. In Elephant Company, Vicki Constantine Croke chronicles Williams’s growing love for elephants as the animals provide him lessons in courage, trust, and gratitude.

But Elephant Company is also a tale of war and daring. When Imperial Japanese forces invaded Burma in 1942, Williams joined the elite Force 136, the British dirty tricks department, operating behind enemy lines. His war elephants would carry supplies, build bridges, and transport the sick and elderly over treacherous mountain terrain. Now well versed in the ways of the jungle, an older, wiser Williams even added to his stable by smuggling more elephants out of Japanese-held territory. As the occupying authorities put a price on his head, Williams and his elephants faced his most perilous test. In a Hollywood-worthy climax, Elephant Company, cornered by the enemy, attempted a desperate escape: a risky trek over the mountainous border to India, with a bedraggled group of refugees in tow. Elephant Bill’s exploits would earn him top military honors and the praise of famed Field Marshal Sir William Slim.

Part biography, part war epic, and part wildlife adventure, Elephant Company is an inspirational narrative that illuminates a little-known chapter in the annals of wartime heroism.

And here’s a link to the request page in the Digital Catalog:

And here is an additional link to a neat National Geographic interview with the author of Elephant Company Vickie Constantine Croke which sheds light on why she was inspired to write the book:

And our Print Book Suggested Read for today is actually two volumes in the same fun Chuck Gunderson set that focus on the performing career of The Beatles titled Some Fun Tonight!: The Backstage Story of How the Beatles Rocked America: The Historic Tours of 1964-1966:


Have Some Fun Tonight! Volumes 1 & 2

Here’s a summary of the two volume set:

The Beatles’ North American tours turned the entertainment business on its ear and forever changed the landscape of the concert touring industry. In February 1964, after finally achieving a number-one hit in America, the Fab Four came to the country with high hopes, performing on the wildly popular Ed Sullivan Show in both New York City and Miami and playing concerts at Carnegie Hall and the Washington Coliseum.

In just fifteen short days, the Beatles conquered America. The Beatles made music-entertainment history with their North American tours from 1964 to 1966. Some Fun Tonight! The Backstage Story of How the Beatles Rocked America: The Historic Tours of 1964-1966 is a comprehensive two-volume set which gives you a city-by-city synopsis of the group’s activities as they traveled the United States and Canada for their groundbreaking series of concerts. From San Francisco’s Cow Palace show on August 19, 1964, through their last-ever live performances at that city’s famed Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966, these books cover the music and the madness that characterized the Beatles’ three North American tours.

With hundreds of photographs and images of rare memorabilia, it is truly the definitive reference for what is arguably the most important period in the Beatles’ long and winding career. You’ll read about the behind-the-scenes negotiations, the mayhem at the airports and hotels, and the cheeky quotes delivered at the press conferences. You’ll also read about the opening acts, the concerts, and the stories behind the shows through the eyes of the Beatles, their entourage, the promoters, the emcees, and the fans.

Never before have the Beatles’ North American concerts been covered in such depth. If you witnessed the mania firsthand, you’ll relive the excitement in the pages of these books. If you were born too late to be a part of those halcyon days, you’ll learn what it was like to be swept up and carried away by the phenomenon of the greatest musical act of all time. When all is said and done, Some Fun Tonight is a tribute to the fans the first generation and beyond. Look carefully at the faces of the fans in this book; they may be your friends, parents, grandparents or even you! but together, they made Beatlemania happen. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy this comprehensive history!

Here’s a link to the request page in StarCat for volume 1:

And a link to the request page in StarCat for volume 2:

And you can also request the books by calling the library at: 607-936-3713 x 502.

Have a great day!
Linda, SSCL

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