Suggested Viewing February 2023

Hi everyone, here are our streaming recommendations for the month ahead of us

The next streaming recommendation post will be out the first Saturday, in March, that’s Saturday, March 3, 2023.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Disney+ available now; can also be purchased via Amazon, Google Play & Apple)

Joe Pickett (Paramount+) (Season 1, streaming now & based on the mystery series by C. J. Box)

Poker Face (Peacock) (Episodes drop weekly, season 1 launched in January)

Something in the Dirt (2022) (Amazon Prime & may be rented/purchased from Amazon, Google, Apple, YouTube etc.)

The Watch (February 1) (Hulu)

Harlem, Season 2 (Netflix) (February 3)

All That Breaths (February 7) (HBO Max)

Empire of Light (February 7) (HBO Max)

Carnival Row, Season 2 (February 17) (Amazon Prime Video)

Hello Tomorrow! (February 17)  (Apple TV+)

Star Trek Picard, Season 3 (February 16) (Paramount+)

Hoopla Streaming Pick of the Month

Signora Volpe – Season One (2022)

And here is the trailer:

Have a great weekend,


2 thoughts on “Suggested Viewing February 2023”

  1. Linda Iā€™m so glad I discovered these lists! Thanks.

    Kathy Mack



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