Bonus Suggested Reading: Binge Pass Hoopla Magazines!

If you’re a digital magazine fan, you probably already know that you can checkout digital magazines, individually, through the Libby app and its companion, the online version AKA The Digital Catalog found online at but you may not know that you can checkout a library of magazines through Hoopla – and you can!

To checkout the Hoopla magazine library, also known as a binge pass, on a computer and

1) Go to and log in (the log in option is in the top right hand corner of the page)

2) Click on the Browse menu located at the top of the page, the Browse menu will open

3) Click the BingePasses option

Once you click on the BingePasses link the Binge Pass libraries page will display, it looks like this:

4) Then you click on the hoopla Magazines link and you’ll be prompted to complete your checkout; at which point you’ll gain access to all the magazines in the Hoopla magazine library for a week!

The magazines you’ll have instant access to include:

Let me reiterate the super cool part, you don’t have to checkout each individual magazine – with the Magazine BingePass you’ll checkout access to the entire magazine library!

So once you’ve checked out the magazines BingePass you click on any title in the library to read the magazine.

And if you’re using a smartphone or tablet; open the Hoopla app and tap on the More option at the bottom of the screen —

And then the BingePasses screen will display and you simply tap the photo showing Hoopla Magazines to checkout the magazine BingePass, which counts as 1 Hoopla checkout.

The magazines look pretty cool too – here are two pages from the terrific audiobook review magazine – AudioFile:

And here are two pages from Jazz Times magazine, also cool!

So if you’re looking for something new to read this weekend, check out the Hoopla BingePass Magazine library!

And if you have questions about how to access Hoopla or check out a BingePass, let us know!

Have a great weekend,

Linda Reimer, SSCL

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