New York Times Bestsellers May 23, 2021

Hi everyone, here is the weekly list of New York Times Bestsellers.

Each title is followed by a listing of which formats it is available in for check out within the three catalogs: StarCat (Print, Large Print & CD Audiobooks), The Digital Catalog (eBook & Downloadable Audiobook) and the Hoopla Catalog (Hoopla instant checkout eBook & Hoopla Audiobook).

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New York Times Bestseller blog postings are published on Sundays; and the next New York Times Bestselling blog posting will be published on Sunday, May 23, 2021.


21ST BIRTHDAY by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

(Available Formats: Print Book, Large Print & CD Audiobook; coming soon to the Digital Catalog!)

21st Birthday

The 21st book in the Women’s Murder Club series. New evidence changes the investigation of a missing mother.

FINDING ASHLEY by Danielle Steel

(Available Formats: Print Book, Large Print, CD Audiobook & eBook)

Finding Ashley

Two estranged sisters, one a former best-selling author, the other a nun, reconnect as one searches for the child the other gave up.

THE FOUR WINDS by Kristin Hannah

(Available Formats: Print Book, CD Audiobook, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)

As dust storms roll during the Great Depression, Elsa must choose between saving the family and farm or heading West.

A GAMBLING MAN by David Baldacci

(Available Formats: Print Book, Large Print, CD audiobook, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)

Aloysius Archer, a World War II veteran, seeks to apprentice with Willie Dash, a private eye, in a corrupt California town.

GREAT CIRCLE by Maggie Shipstead

(Available Formats: Print Book)

Great Circle

An actress immerses herself in the role of a pioneering woman aviator who disappeared in Antarctica.

THE HILL WE CLIMB by Amanda Gorman

(Available Formats: Print, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)

The poem read on President Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day, by the youngest poet to write and perform an inaugural poem.

THE HOUR OF THE WITCH by Chris Bohjalian

(Available Formats:  Print Book, CD Audiobook & Downloadable Audiobook)

Hour of the Witch

In 1662 Boston, a young Puritan woman seeks to escape from a cruel husband and rumors that might mean her death.


(Available Formats: Print Books, Large Print, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)

A Faustian bargain comes with a curse that affects the adventure Addie LaRue has across centuries.


(Available Formats: Print Book & eBook)

The Last Thing He Told Me

Hannah Hall discovers truths about her missing husband and bonds with his daughter from a previous relationship.


(Available Formats: Print Book, eBook & Downloadable Audiobooks)

Nora Seed finds a library beyond the edge of the universe that contains books with multiple possibilities of the lives one could have lived.

THE NEWCOMER by Mary Kay Andrews

(Available Formats: Print Book, CD Audiobook & eBook)

The Newcomer

After discovering her sister dead, Letty Carnahan drives away with her niece and finds potential trouble with a police detective at a Florida motel.

OCEAN PREY by John Sandford

(Available Formats: Print Book, CD audiobook & eBook)

The 31st book in the Prey series. When federal officers are killed, Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers team up to investigate matters.


(Available Formats: Print Book)

Project Hail Mary

Ryland Grace awakes from a long sleep alone and far from home, and the fate of humanity rests on his shoulders.

SENTINEL by Lee Child and Andrew Child

(Available Formats: Print Book, Large Print, CD Audiobook, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)


Jack Reacher intervenes on an ambush in Tennessee and uncovers a conspiracy.

THE SILENT PATIENT by Alex Michaelides

(Available Formats: Print Book, Large Print, CD Audiobook, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)

Silent Patient

Theo Faber looks into the mystery of a famous painter who stops speaking after shooting her husband.

SOOLEY by John Grisham

(Available Formats: Print Book, Large Print, CD Audiobook, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)


Samuel Sooleymon receives a basketball scholarship to North Carolina Central and determines to bring his family over from a civil war-ravaged South Sudan.


(Available Formats: Print Books)

Summer On The Bluffs

Amelia Vaux Tanner plans to give a cottage in a Black beach community to one of her three favorite guests.


(Available Formats: Print Book, Large Print, CD Audiobook, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)

Where The Crawdads Sing
In a quiet town on the North Carolina coast in 1969, a young woman who survived alone in the marsh becomes a murder suspect.


BECOMING by Michelle Obama

(Available Formats: Print Book, Large Print, CD Audiobook, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)


The former first lady describes her journey from the South Side of Chicago to the White House, and how she balanced work, family and her husband’s political ascent.

THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE by Bessel van der Kolk

(Available Formats: Print Book, eBook, Downloadable Audiobook & Hoopla Audiobook)

How trauma affects the body and mind, and innovative treatments for recovery.

BOMBER MAFIA by Malcolm Gladwell

(Available Formats: Print Book, eBook & Hoopla instant checkout audiobook)

Bomber Mafia

A look at the key players and outcomes of precision bombing during World War II.

CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson

(Available Formats: Print Book, Audiobook on CD, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist examines aspects of caste systems across civilizations and reveals a rigid hierarchy in America today.

CRYING IN H MART by Michelle Zauner

(Coming soon to StarCat & The Digital Catalog)

Crying In H Mart

The daughter of a Korean mother and Jewish-American father, and leader of the indie rock project Japanese Breakfast, describes creating her own identity after losing her mother to cancer


(Available Formats: Print Book)

Finding The Mother Country

An ecologist describes ways trees communicate, cooperate and compete.

GREENLIGHTS by Matthew McConaughey

(Available Formats: Print Book, Audiobook on CD & Downloadable Audiobook)

The Academy Award-winning actor shares snippets from the diaries he kept over the last 35 years.

KILLING THE MOB by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

(Available Formats: Print Book)

Killing The Mob

The 10th book in the conservative commentator’s Killing series looks at organized crime in the United States during the 20th century.

ON JUNETEENTH by Annette Gordon-Reed

(Available Formats: Print Book)

On Juneteenth

The Pulitzer Prize winner weaves together American history with personal memoir to show the importance of events in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865.

OUT OF MANY, ONE by George W. Bush

(Available Formats: Print Book)

Out of Many, One

Forty-three portraits by the former president, of men and women who have immigrated to the United States.

PERSIST by Elizabeth Warren

(Available Formats: Print Book)


The senior senator from Massachusetts shares six influential perspectives that shaped her life and advocacy.

THE PREMONITION by Michael Lewis

(Available Formats: Print Book)

The Premonition

Stories of skeptics who went against the official response of the Trump administration to the outbreak of Covid-19.


(Available Formats: Hoopla instant checkout audiobook)

The Tyranny of Big Tech

The Republican senator from Missouri gives his assessment of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle

(Available Formats: Print Book, Audiobook on CD, eBook & Downloadable Audiobook)

The activist and public speaker describes her journey of listening to her inner voice.

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? by Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey

(Available Formats: Print Book, CD Audiobook & Downloadable Audiobook)

What Happend To You

An approach to dealing with trauma that shifts an essential question used to investigate it.

YOU ARE YOUR BEST THING edited by Tarana Burke and Brené Brown

(Available Formats: Print Book)

You Are Your Best Thing

An anthology of writing on the Black experience and shame resilience.

Be well and read on!

Linda Reimer, SSL


*Information on the Three Catalogs*

Digital Catalog:

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Hoopla is a Southeast Steuben County Library service available to all Southeast Steuben County Library card holders.

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