Suggested Listening April 3, 2020

Hi everyone, here is our bi-weekly recommended listening posting for Friday, April 3, 2020

Our listening suggestions today includes ten streaming albums, from the Freegal Music Catalog, and a selection of related music videos.

 If you have questions about how to use the Freegal Music Service, please let me know! You can contact me by leaving a message on the blog. Or, you can send an email to the following address and I’ll get back to you!

Freegal Streaming Suggestions:

Important Beginning Notes!!

1. Freegal is now offering unlimited streaming, up from the old three hours per day – so you can listen to all the recommended albums whenever you want to and for as long as you want!

2. April is Jazz appreciation month, so I’ll be spotlighting some terrific Jazz musicians this month, some of them are well known today and others not so well known today – but all the music will be great!

The Battle of the Bands (Deluxe Version) (1968) by The Turtles (Genre: Classic Rock)

This is an excellent album that shows off the Turtles comedic side!

Song List:
The Opening: The Battle of the Bands
The Last Thing I Remember
Too Much Heartsick Feeling
Oh Daddy!
Buzz Saw
Surfer Dan
I’m Chief Kamanawanalea (We’re the Royal Macadamia Nuts)
You Showed Me
Chicken Little Was Right
The Closing: Earth Anthem (All)
She’s My Girl
Chicken Little Was Right
Sound Asleep
Umbassa the Dragon
The Story of Rock and Roll
Can’t You Hear the Cows
The Last Thing I Remember (The First Thing I Knew)
The Owl
To See the Sun
Earth Anthem
Battle of the Bands Radio Spot

Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 1-3 (Arr. by Ries & Ebers) (2020) by Compagnia di Punto

Compagnia di Punto is a small orchestral ensemble from Germany that is known for performing early classical music.

And here’s a description of this brand-new album from the High Resolution Audio site:
Beethoven’s first three symphonies are among his most important and well-known orchestral compositions. On this album, however, instead of a large orchestra, only ten musicians play these repertoire classics: the Rhenish original sound orchestra Compagnia di Punto plays Beethoven’s symphonies Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in arrangements for Chamber orchestra The arrangements come from the pen of two Beethoven contemporaries, Beethoven student Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838) and composer and conductor Carl Friedrich Ebers (1770-1836).

Such contemporary arrangements of large orchestral works made it possible to play and publicize Beethoven’s music even in smaller salons. In 1809, Ebers arranged the 1st Symphony for two violins, two violas, bass and two clarinets and horns. And Ries arranged symphonies Nos. 2 and 3 for double-staffed violins and violas as well as for flute and horns around 1807.

These chamber music versions not only shed a more intimate light on the three symphonies, but also guarantee completely new timbres and sound dialogues between the individual instruments. A valuable discovery for the Beethoven year 2020.

Song List:
I. Adagio molto – Allegro con brio (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Carl Friedrich Ebers) (8:36)
II. Andante cantabile con moto (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Carl Friedrich Ebers) (6:34)
III. Menuetto. Allegro molto e vivace (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Carl Friedrich Ebers) (3:14)
IV. Adagio – Allegro molto e vivace (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Carl Friedrich Ebers) (5:21)
I. Adagio molto – Allegro con brio (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Ferdinand Ries) (10:42)
II. Larghetto (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Ferdinand Ries) (9:22)
III. Scherzo. Allegro (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Ferdinand Ries) (3:38)
IV. Allegro molto (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Ferdinand Ries) (5:59)
I. Allegro con brio (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Ferdinand Ries) (15:18)
II. Marcia funebre: Adagio assai (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Ferdinand Ries) (12:21)
III. Scherzo. Allegro vivace (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Ferdinand Ries) (5:25)
IV. Finale. Allegro molto – Poco andante – Presto (Arr. for Small Orchestra by Ferdinand Ries) (11:05)

Blindsided (2020) by Mark Erelli (Genre: Folk, Americana)

Mark Erelli is an introspective Massachusetts based singer-songwriter, whose music reminds me a bit of Tom Petty’s work. On this LP Erelli is reflecting on life as it is now, from a vantage point of someone who has been around the block a few times and reached a certain age. And those of us who’ve also been around the block several times can well relate to the music on this LP!

Song List:
Can’t Stand Myself
A Little Kindness
Her Town Now
Stranger’s Eyes
Lost in Translation
The River Always Wins
The Western Veil
Rose-Colored Rearview
Doubt My Love

The Complete Hits, 1941 – 1962, Vol. 1 by Ernest Tubb

This collection of country great Tubb’s early works features 47 songs released from the forties through the early sixties and includes a solid slice of his best work.

The collection includes the following songs:

Walking the Floor Over you
It’s Been So Long Darling
I Love You Because
I’m Biting My Fingernails Over You
Warm Red Wine
Rainbow at Midnight
Filipino Baby
I’ll Take A Back Seat for You
Seaman’s Blues
Have You Ever Been Lonely?
Till the End of the World
Driftwood on the River

In Scandinavia, Vol. 1 by Louis Armstrong

This live collection features songs played by Armstrong and his band while on tour in Scandinavia in 1933, 1949 and 1952. The music is great; but those who desire a pristine sounding, should keep in mind the basic sound recording technology of the time.

Song List:
I Cover the Waterfront
Tiger Rag
Chinatown, My Chinatown
You Rascal You
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Twelfth Street Rag
Steak Face
When It’s Sleepy Time Down South
A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Lover Come Back to Me
Can Anyone Explain
After You’ve Gone
Russian Lullaby
Bugle Blues / Ole Mis

The Owls’ Hoot (192?/1994) by The New Orleans Owls

The New Orleans Owls, a traditional jazz dance band, known for being the house band at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans in the 1920s

At various times, the band included Bill Pardon, Benjie White, Lester Smith, Mose Farrar, Rene Gelpi, Dan LeBlanc, Earl Crumb, Frank Netto, Pinky Vidacovith, Sigfre Christensen, Nappy Lamare and Ed Miller. And of the group, only Lamare, who went on to play with Bob Croby’s Wildcats and Ed Miller, who went on to play with Pete Fountain and to lead his own band are known by audiences today. However, a big hat’s off to the whole group of players, as they certainly recorded some bright and cheerful dance music!

And you can listen to all their recorded works on this LP!

Song List:
Stomp off, Let’s Go
Oh Me! Oh My!
The Owl’s Hoot
Pretty Baby
West End Romp
Blowin’ off Steam
White Ghost Shivers
The Nightmare
Brotherly Love
That’s a Plenty
Meat on the Table
The New Twister
Goose Pimples
Throwin’ the Horns
She’s Cryin’ for Me (Take 1)
She’s Cryin’ for Me (Take 2)
Everybody Loves Somebody (Take 1)
Everybody Loves Somebody (Take 2)
Ain’t Love Grand? (Take 1)
Ain’t Love Grand? (Take 2)
Alligator Blues (Take 1)
Alligator Blues (Take 2)

Prayer: A Windham Hill Collection by Various Artists (Genre: New Age, Instrumental, Acoustic)

This is a soothing, calming collection of instrumental music perfect to listen to whilst reading or just hanging out at home.

Of particular note is the song Alisa’s Prayer played by the harpist Deborah Henson-Conant. My library co-worker Maryalice shared a video of Henson-Conant playing Classical Gas with Mason Williams today, and I had never heard her work before, but she sure is one talented individual! And the video is included in the video section of this posting – enjoy!

Song List:
Sanctus by Tim Story
The 23rd Psalm by Steve Erquiaga
Be Thou My Vision by Jeff Johnson, Brian Dunning & John Fitzpatrick
Holy, Holy, Holy by Jim Brickman
The Lord’s Prayer by Paul McCandles
Alisa’s Prayer, for electric Celtic harp by Deborah Henson-Conant
Meditation by Thea Suits
Ave Maria by Steve Erquiage
Go Gently by Suzanne Ciani
Offering by Tracy Silverman & Thea Suits
Spanish Stairs by Rosalba Bentivoglio
Ave Verum Corpus by Philip Aaberg

Regular Joe (1992) by Joe Diffie (Genre: Country)

One of Joe’s best albums from the late, great country singer.

Song List:
Startin’ Over Blues
I Just Don’t Know
Next Thing Smokin’
Ain’t That Bad Enough
Ships That Don’t Come In
Just A Regular Joe
Is It Cold In Here
Back To Back Heartache
You Made Me What I Am
Goodnight Sweetheart

That’s What I Heard (2020) by The Robert Cray Band

Twelve new songs by blues guitarist Robert Cray and his band!

Song List:
Anything You Want
Burying Ground
You’re the One
This Man
You’ll Want Me Back
Promises You Can’t Keep
To Be with You
My Baby Likes to Boogaloo
You Can’t Make Me Change
A Little Less Lonely
Do It

Whistle Stop (1993) by Ellis Marsalis

Jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis was known for three things, his terrific piano playing, his generosity of spirit as an educator – promoting traditional jazz music to other musicians and the world, and his talented music playing sons trumpeter Wynton, saxophonist Branford, trombonist Delfeayo and drummer Jason.

This 1993 album shows Marsalis at the top of his game playing songs composed by New Orleans musicians in the 1960s.

Song List:
Whistle Stop
Dee Wee
A Moment Alone
Magnolia Triangle
Cry Again
Lil’ Boy Man
Monkey Puzzle (Album Version)
Beautiful Old Ladies
Little Joy (Album Version)
When We First Met (Album Version)

Recommended Music Videos:

Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Op. 21: I. Adagio molto – Allegro con brio composed by Beethoven and performed by Compagnia di Punto

Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 36: I. Adagio molto – Allegro con brio by Beethoven and performed by Compagnia di Punto

Blindsided by Mark Erelli

Can’t Stand Myself by Mark Erelli

Driftwood on the River by Ernest Tubb

I’m Walking The Floor Over You by Ernest Tubb

I Cover The Waterfront, Dinah & Tiger Rag recorded in Copenhagen in 1933 by Louis Armstrong

The Owls Hoot by The New Orleans Owls

West End Romp by The New Orleans Owls

Alisa’s Prayer Deborah Henson-Conant

Go Gently by Suzanne Ciani

Ships That Don’t Come In by Joe Diffie

Startin’ Over Blues by Joe Diffie

Anything You Want by The Robert Cray Band

That’s What I Heard by The Robert Cray Band

“Sweet Lorraine” Branford and Ellis Marsalis – soprano sax / piano duet

Swinging’ At The Haven by The Marsalis Family

Whistle Stop by Ellis Marsalis


An American Tune Until Further Notice by Paul Simon

Classical Gas by Mason Williams &

Classic Steve Martin Appearance From 1975 on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Jubilee by Mary Chapin Carpenter

No One Picks Like A Nashville Picker Picks by Dolly Parton & Carol Burnett

Our House by Graham Nash

Be well!

Linda Reimer, SSCL


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Ellis Marsalis, Jazz Pianist and Music Family Patriarch, Dies at 85, New York Times

Joe Diffie, Grammy-Winning Country Music Star, Dies at 61

Mark Erelli

Louis Armstrong In Scandinavia Vol. 1

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The Robert Cray Band (official site)

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