Bonus Suggested Listening Post – February 11, 2020

Hi everyone, here is a bonus suggested listening posting to make up for the posting I missed post this past Friday, February 7, when the library was closed due to inclement weather!

Our regular Friday Suggested Listening postings will resume this Friday, February 14, 2020.

And on to the bonus posting which consists entirely of recommended video clips.

This past Sunday, February 9, was the fifty sixth anniversary of the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. In honor of that historic event, here are some clips of the Beatles performing.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles (from their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show 2/9/1964)

Twist And Shout by The Beatles (from their second appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show 2/23/1964)

A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles

I Feel Fine by The Beatles

She Loves You/Twist & Shout/I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles

Ticket to Ride by The Beatles

Have a great week!

Linda Reimer, SSCL

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