Suggested Reading November 4, 2019

Hi everyone, here are our recommended titles for the week, five digital titles, eBooks & downloadable audiobooks, available through OverDrive and five print titles available through StarCat.

Just a reminder, tomorrow is Election Day 2019 and if you’re not sure where to go to vote here is a link to the Steuben County, New York Polling Place page found on the official Steuben County website.

And if you don’t live in Steuben County, New York and have questions about where to go to vote, call you’re local public library and they’ll assist you!

And on with the suggested reading titles of the week!


The Boys on the Bus by Timothy Crouse (Format: eBook):

The Boys On The Bus tells the colorful story of the experiences of reporters who covered the 1972 presidential election between incumbent President Nixon and George McGovern.

The Hopefuls: A Novel by Jennifer Close (Format: eBook):

The Hopefuls relays the story of a young wife, Beth, who moves to Washington with her politically ambitious husband, Matt. The plot chronicles their lives in D.C. and mixes in humor, idealism, jealousy and more as they encounter and get to know prominent White House staffer Jimmy and his wife Ashleigh, after which drama ensues.

Sharpe’s Tiger, Sharpe’s Series, Book 1 by Bernard Cornwell (Format: eBook):

Sharpe’s Tiger is the first book, chronology-wise, in the long running, swashbuckling Sharpe series, which opens at the end of the 18th Century and chronicles the life of Richard Sharpe. With sheer determination, Sharpe pulled himself up from very humble beginnings to rise through the ranks of the 95th Rifles; but that is getting ahead of the story a bit! Sharpe’s Tiger introduces Private Sharpe and relays his adventures during the Seige of Seringapatam a battle that was fought in what is today southeast India during April and May of 1799.

Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For by Susan Rice (Format: Downloadable Audiobook):

Diplomat and foreign policy expert Susan E. Rice served as Assistant Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration and National Security Advisor and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations during the Obama Administration. In her memoir Tough Love she conveys her experiences before, during and after her tenure in government; offering a straightforward view of events that occurred during her thirty years in government.


Generation Citizen: The Power of Youth in Our Politics by Scott Warren:

Generation Citizen tells the story of the Generation Citizen organization which was founded in 2009 to educate American youth regarding the importance of civic engagement and civic responsibility. The organization was co-founded by then Brown senior Scott Warren, who is now the C.E.O. of Generation Citizen, and it has since become one of the preeminent civics education organizations in the country.

The book also offers information on the author’s life, features interviews with young Americans who have become civically engaged and it illustrates the importance of youth in promoting political change.

Lethal Agent: A Novel by Kyle Mills:

In a novel that relays a story that could have come from today’s headlines, Lethal Agent tells the tale of a virulent presidential election that has the U.S. transfixed, while out of the blue ISIS kidnaps a French scientist and forces him to create deadly biochemical which they intend to use as bioweapons after smuggling the toxin into the United States from Mexico.

But is it really the bioweapon created by the French scientist that is the danger or, does ISIS have something else up its sleeve? U.S. Commando extraordinaire Mitch Rapp is on the job and is determined to find out and stop ISIS in its tracks.

The Perfect Plan: A Novel by Bryan Readon:

Unstable Liam Brennan cracks and kidnaps a woman working for his charismatic older brother Drew. And the seemingly perfect Drew just happens to be a-new-to-the-political-scene break out gubernatorial candidate. As the authorities chase Liam it becomes apparent that there is more to the Brennan Brothers than what meets the eye…

It is indeed a mystery to be solved!

Vote for US: How to Take Back Our Elections and Change the Future of Voting by Joshua A. Douglas:

In twelve short chapters, author Douglas offers information and stories that are upbeat, illuminating and that focus on the ways we can work to strengthen American Democracy. The book is written in an easily accessible style and features chapters titled What Do Taco Trucks Have To Do With Voter Registration?, How Voting Can Be As Easy As Food Shopping, The Former Miss Wisconsin May Save Your Vote, The Secret Sauce Of Our Democracy and How To Combat Fake News.

About The Author: Joshua A. Douglas is a professor of law at the University of Kentucky.

We Are Still Here: Pain And Politics In The Heartland Of America by Jennifer Silva:

We’re Still Here tells the story of more than 100 families, all residents of an anonymous Pennsylvania town, a town that grew and prospered, over generations, as the coal industry did the same; and as the coal industry has declined so too has the town. This story offers a tale that is familiar in many parts of the U.S. today, as towns that thrived during the heyday of the American manufacturing era have declined in the last several decades.

Have a great week!

Linda Reimer, SSCL


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