Suggested Listening September 20, 2019

Hi everyone, here are our five musical recommendations of the week!

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James Burton The Early Years: 1956 – 1969 by James Burton (Format: CD):

This CD documents the career of one of the world’s greatest-ever guitarists, recognized as such by many top musicians, including Keith Richards, who gave the induction speech when James entered the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame. Burton’s instantly recognizable finger-picking style graced many fine records by artists including Dale Hawkins, Rick Nelson and John Denver. He was the mainstay of Elvis Presley’s TCB band, backing him on record and in concert.

Song List:
1. Susie-Q – Dale Hawkins
2. Red Hot – Bob Luman
3. Shirley Lee – Bobby Lee Trammel
4. My Babe – Ricky Nelson
5. Cannonball Rag – James Burton
6. Don’t Leave Me This Way – Ricky Nelson
7. The Creep – The Shadows
8. Stop Sneakin’ Around – Ricky Nelson
9. Swamp Surfer – Jimmy Dobro
10. Make Up Your Mind Baby – Bob Luman
11. Fireball Mail – Jim & Joe
12. Blood from a Stone – Ricky Nelson
13. Real Live Fool – Lee Hazlewood
14. Daisy Mae – Jim & Joe
15. Everybody Listen to the Dobro – Jimmy Dobro
16. Guitar Player – Buddy Cagle
17. Jimmy’s Blues – Jimmy Burton
18. Poor Boy Looking for a Home – The Green River Boys Feat. Glen Campbell
19. See See Rider – The Everly Brothers
20. Love Lost – Jimmy Burton
21. A Child’s Claim to Fame – Buffalo Springfield
22. If You Want to Be My Woman – Merle Haggard
23. Moonshine – James Burton & Ralph Mooney
24. Corn Pickin’ – James Burton & Ralph Mooney
25. Someday, Someday – The Shindogs
26. Why – The Shindogs
27. Just for a While – Carol Williams
28. Tryin’ to Be Someone – David & Lee

Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (1970) by Derek & The Dominoes (Format: CD):

Wishing to escape the superstar expectations that sank Blind Faith before it was launched, Eric Clapton retreated with several sidemen from Delaney & Bonnie to record the material that would form Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. From these meager beginnings grew his greatest album. Duane Allman joined the band shortly after recording began, and his spectacular slide guitar pushed Clapton to new heights.

Then again, Clapton may have gotten there without him, considering the emotional turmoil he was in during the recording. He was in hopeless, unrequited love with Pattie Boyd, the wife of his best friend, George Harrison, and that pain surges throughout Layla, especially on its epic title track. But what really makes Layla such a powerful record is that Clapton, ignoring the traditions that occasionally painted him into a corner, simply tears through these songs with burning, intense emotion. He makes standards like “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” and “Nobody Knows You (When You’re Down and Out)” into his own, while his collaborations with Bobby Whitlock — including “Any Day” and “Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?” — teem with passion. And, considering what a personal album Layla is, it’s somewhat ironic that the lovely coda “Thorn Tree in the Garden” is a solo performance by Whitlock, and that the song sums up the entire album as well as “Layla” itself. Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic Review.

Music From The Inside Out: A Film by Daniel Anker (Format: DVD):

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, MUSIC FROM THE INSIDE OUT is a cinematic exploration of the magic and mystery of music through the stories, passions, and artistry of the 105 musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra. This groundbreaking film, directed by Oscar nominee Daniel Anker, is a feast of sound – with jazz, bluegrass, salsa, classical, and world music interwoven with the musicians’ personal stories, each of which has at its core the universal struggle for self-expression.

The Sun Story by Various Artists (Format: CD – Rhino Records):

Summing up the history of one of America’s most important record labels in 20 songs is a task that borders on the impossible, and The Sun Story is hardly the final or definitive word on the subject of Sam Phillips and the nearly seismic impact his label wrought on popular music. While Sun Records is usually cited for (a) giving birth to rock & roll, (b) creating a home for rockabilly, or (c) bringing Elvis Presley into the recording studio for the first time, producer and label founder Sam Phillips had a broader vision than any of those descriptions would imply, embracing in one way or another the full range of the music of the American South — blues, R&B, hard country, gospel, and even a dash of pop. Rhino Records’ original two-LP vinyl edition of The Sun Story offered a solid introduction to the superb and eclectic roster of talent that recorded for Phillips’ little label; sadly, the current single-CD version shortchanges Phillips’ vitally important R&B recordings (Jackie Brenston, Roscoe Gordon, and the Prisonaires) in favor of the better-known rock & roll performers who followed them. But as a convenient and affordable collection of Sun’s best-known hits and better-known also-rans, The Sun Story more than fills the bill, packed to the brim with great, groundbreaking music from Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Billy Lee Riley, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, and many others. As is the norm with a collection from Rhino, the remastered audio is superb (something that hasn’t always been the case with earlier Sun reissues), and the liner notes are informative, intelligent, and entertaining. The Sun Story is hardly the complete Sun story, but it’s not bad as a starter, and if you’re looking for a disc with some of the greatest and most satisfying American rock & roll ever committed to tape, this is just what you need. Mark Deming, AllMusic

View From The Vault by The Grateful Dead (Format: DVD):

Three Rivers Stadium Pittsburgh, PA July 8, 1990

The Grateful Dead – A View from the Vault is over 2-1/2 hours of live concert footage from the historic concert at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA in July of 1990. Jerry, Mickey, Bill, Phil, Brent and Bob thrill a packed stadium with the classic performance style that is uniquely their own. This contains both day and night footage, including the first ever video released version of the huge hit “A Touch of Grey”. This DVD version contains over an extra hour of additional footage shot from Cardinal’s Stadium during the same tour.

Videos of the Week:

The great documentarian Ken Burns has a new series showing on PBS titled County Music, and naturally, it focuses on the history of country music. The first episode is called The Rub and focuses on the way country music emerged and became popular through the then new medium of radio. The episode also chronicles the career of Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family.

Right now you can watch the first episode for free via the following link:

Other Videos of the Week:

James Burton Guitar Solos

The Nelson Brothers with James Burton

Ricky Nelson & James Burton Play Guitar

Bell Bottom Blues by Derek & The Dominoes

It’s Too Late/Matchbox live by Derek and the Dominoes from The Johnny Cash Show w/ C.Perkins 1/6/71

Layla by Derek & The Dominoes

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out by Derek & The Dominoes

Music From The Inside Out – Trailer

Matchbox by Carl Perkins, Eric Clapton & Johnny Cash

Straight A’s In Love by Johnny Cash

Honey Don’t by Carl Perkins from The David Letterman Show

There’s Good Rockin’ Tonight by Elvis

Wouldn’t You Know by’ Billy Riley & His Little Green Men

Estimated Prophet by The Greatful Dead (Pittsburgh, PA 7/8/90)

Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue #29 by Booker T Jones & Friends From A Stax Revue – 10-24-2017

Have a great weekend!

Linda Reimer, SSCL


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The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits by Joel Whitburn

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