Native American Heritage Month – Focus On Music

Here is our final posting honoring Native American Heritage month.

Previously we’ve taken a look at fiction books, non-fiction books and movies that offer a glimpse into Native American history and culture.

Now it is time for some music!

These titles are all available for streaming, on demand, from the Southern Tier Library System’s digital music service Freegal, and if you click on the album cover for any of the titles the Freegal Music page for the album will display, then you just enter your library card number and your PIN (the last four digits of your phone number) to play the music.

And without further ado, here are the suggested listening titles:

Into The Woods by Native American Flute

This album of Native American flute music both offers insight into Native American culture and can be listen to for relaxation or meditation purposes.

Songs on the album include: Dreams of the Elk Men, Touch of the Deer, Deer Spirits Welcome the Dawn, Invoking the Healer and Wind Scent.

Native American Meditations by Native American Coyote: 

Native American Meditations by Native American Coyote features music and readings including:
The Circle of Life, The Things I Know, Great Spirit Told Us, Song of Contentment, Barefoot Prairie Walker & Talking with our Grandfathers

Native American Meditations by Native American Meditations:

Native American Meditations presents the words of Native American leaders and teachers such as Black Elk, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse as spoken by their descendants and relations. The Lakota, Dine/Navajo, Oglala, Chumash, and Cherokee are among the native peoples represented on this album, which also features hypnotic tribal music in the background. A uniquely personal and historical document of Native American culture.

Native American Nights by Niall:

This collection contains three long songs featuring nature sounds and flue music: Native American Medicine Power, Night Hawk Wing & Keepers of the Night.

Have a great day,

Linda, SSL

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