Suggested Listening November 16, 2018

Hi everyone, and just a bit late, here are our lucky seven musical recommendations that should have been posted last Friday but which were delayed by the arrival of Winter Story Avery.

Our lucky seven suggested listens include five streaming suggestions* and two recommended albums on CD.

(Click on the photo to stream or request the album you’re interested in!)

Freegal Streaming Suggestions*

Black Velvet (2018) by Charles Bradley (Genre: R&B, Pop):

Charles Bradley’s new album, Black Velvet is an extraordinary collection of 10 tracks making their LP debut. In addition to fan favorites like Charles covers of Nirvanas ‘Stay Away’, Neil Young’s ‘Heart Of Gold’, and Rodriguez’s ‘Slip Away’ – this album features 4 never-before-heard tracks from Producer Tommy ‘TNT’ Brenneck’s vaults.

Additional songs on the LP include: Luv Jones, Can’t Fight the Feeling, I Feel a Change, Slip Away and Black Velvet.

Shirley Inspired (2015) by Various Artists (Genre: Folk, Pop, Rock):

Shirley Collins, for those not familiar with her work, is to the sixties English folk scene what Joan Baez is to the sixties American folk scene. She’s got a great voice and recorded prolifically from 1959 into the early seventies when folk music, regrettable, fell out of main stream pop music favor.
This is a tribute album, a digital version of the 3 LP release, featuring 12 extra tracks. This LP compliments the British documentary, The Ballad of Shirley Collins, which chronicles the career of this classic British folk singer.

Here’s a description of the album which was originally released in 2015:

Shirley Collins celebrate her 80th year – an age that would seem frankly ridiculous for a woman as spritely as her, had it not been for all she’s achieved. From her seminal field-recording trip to America to her lauded musical career; from her role as historian and protector of the folk tradition, to the very fact that this record can exist – more than half a century after her career began – all of these things are testament to the breadth of her influence. And so we arrive at ‘Shirley Inspired’. It would be almost lazy to the talk about the resurgence of folk music or the ‘new folk’ sound – the recordings found here are so much more than that. This is the very essence of folk – songs handed down from person to person, interpreted by modern musicians – as a way of keeping these songs alive.

Originally released on deluxe 3 LP gatefold, this CD/digital versions enjoys 12 more stunning interpretations, including contributions from Paul Armfield, Jack Sharp (Wolf People), Rob St. John and Elle Osborne. Make no mistake these are modern versions; we’ve the soulful dirge of Bitchin Bonnie Billy Bajas’ ‘Pretty Saro’; the rabble-rousing minimalism of Stewart Lee (yes him) and Stuart Estell’s ‘Polly On The Shore’; the prism-like vocals of Ela Stiles’ ‘Murder of Maria Marten’… even Graham Coxon’s traditional affair evokes something altogether more rebellious, his clawing, feral style is much in evidence here. This compilation was an inheritance of sorts: borne to us from the kickstarter appeal that funded ‘The Ballad of Shirley Collins’ – a film that is currently being made about the First Lady of Folk Music’s life. We here at Earth now have the privilege of giving these songs a tangible existence in the shape of this special recording. The woman herself had this to say: “I’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of the singers and musicians who responded to the invitation to be part of the Shirley Inspired collection. Their choice of songs is fascinating, the interpretations of them fresh and various, beautiful and sometimes challenging! Listening to these recreations shows me again that English folk music has timeless power and significance.”

Rite The First Time (2001) by The Weird Sisters (Genre: Folk):

The Weird Sisters are a folk group from Atlanta, Georgia. The band consists of Gwen Knighton, Brenda Sinclair Sutton, Teresa Gibson Powell and Mary Crowell.

Rite The First Time is their debut album and includes the following songs: In A Gown Too Blue, Spring Strathspey, Song Of Fey Cross, Iowa, Absolutely Bonkers, The Bird Rock and a great version of Cheryl Wheeler’s When Fall Comes To New England.

Roogalator on BBC John Peel Radio Show by Danny Adler (Genre: Roots Rock, Blues, Rock):

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1949, Danny Adler is firmly established among the finest blues guitarists of the rock & roll era, a solidly original stylist whose early exposure to the jazz and R&B scenes of his hometown was quick to explode into a thoroughly individual style. The string of albums he kicked off in the mid-’70s with his band Roogalator, and which continues through to 2012’s multi-disc Archive series of retrospectives, remains a work of constant rediscovery, both for veteran fans and the new audience that has discovered him through the Internet.

In addition, Adler has played alongside some of rock’s most storied names, including stints in Charlie Watts’ Rocket 88 with Ian Stewart, Jack Bruce, and Alexis Korner, and the Deluxe Blues Band with Bob Brunning and Mickey Waller. He was a founding member of Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe’s Disco Brothers studio band in 1975, and many more.

Gigging around Ohio, Adler made his professional debut in Amos Milburn’s band, a setup which broadened his musical exposure by placing him on-stage with legends Chuck Berry, Memphis Slim, Slim Harpo, Arthur Crudup, and T-Bone Walker, among others. Another early band, the Blues Doctors, can be heard on the first volume of the Archive series, and includes a number of the guitarist’s earliest compositions. A stint in California in the late ’60s was followed by relocation to New York City, where Adler was a member of Elephant’s Memory, cutting the “Skyscraper Commando” single with them, but departing shortly before the band’s union with John and Yoko.

Moving to Europe, Adler performed across the musical spectrum, swinging from Ginger Johnson’s African Drummers to the Irish country circuit; studying jazz guitar in Paris and then forming the proto-glam band Smooth Loser with Jeff Pasternak, brother of the popular U.K. disc jockey Emperor Rosko. Smooth Loser recorded a handful of sessions (available now on volume three of the Archive series), including an excellent session at 10cc’s Strawberry Studios. Despite the band’s connections, however, no deal was forthcoming and Adler quit to form a new band, Roogalator, in 1973.

Several lineup changes later, Roogalator were being feted as the next big thing by the pre-punk U.K. press, touring with Dr. Feelgood and signing with the fledgling Stiff Records for 1976’s legendary All Aboard single. Momentum was lost, however, when Stiff was forced to withdraw the single’s picture sleeve over copyright issues, and when Roogalator resurfaced, the musical climate had changed dramatically. Bands that had once opened for Roogalator, the Sex Pistols and the Clash included, were the new media heroes, and while Roogalator rocked on, it was a very different band that cut their debut album.

Unlucky when the much-loved 45 “Love and the Single Girl” flopped, Roogalator broke up in 1979, Adler moved into session work at the same time as becoming a founding member of Rocket 88. The Deluxe Blues Band followed, and the two groups who were a constant presence on the U.K. club scene of the early to mid-’80s.

The Danny Adler Band swiftly joined them and a staggering discography followed, the four Deluxe Blues Band albums (A Streetcar Named De Luxe and Live at Half Moon Putney, both 1981; Urban DeLuxe in 1983; and Motorvating in 1988) being joined by no less than nine solo and band LPs, all released to critical acclaim in Europe throughout the ’80s: Funky Afternoons (1979), Gusha Gusha Music (1980), Live (1982), an eponymous set (1983), Hubcap Heaven (1986), Hometowns and High Iron (1987), Night Shift (1987), Mackinaw City (1989), and Homestretch (1990). In addition, Adler also pulled off one of the great blues hoaxes of the decade, with the “discovery” of Otis “Elevator” Gilmore in 1986 — an unknown legend of the blues whose true identity, Adler himself, eluded many otherwise impeccable scholars.

Adler returned to the U.S. in the early ’90s, fading from invisibility somewhat, but remaining a breathtaking performer on the occasions when he did resurface; the live album Jazzin at RVGs, from 1993, is a dynamic performance, and in 1999, Adler returned to action with the Mother’s Day CD. Boat Diddley followed, while Adler has also been active remastering both his back catalog and a voluminous archive for the much-acclaimed Archive series. He also engineered a 2011 Roogalator live reunion in the U.K., while 2012 brought the single “Political Dancing.” ~ Dave Thompson, iTunes

Songs on the LP include: Ride with the Roogalator, Tasty 2, Cincinnati Fatback, All Board, Sock It to My Pocket, Sweet Mama Kundalini and, T.G.I.F

Source by Benny Green (Genre: Jazz, Piano):

Benny Green led a popular trio from near the beginning of his career to around 2000, when he abruptly disbanded, not leading a band for a decade, aside from some duo recordings with guitarist Russell Malone. But a recording session with the rhythm team of bassist Peter Washington and drummer Kenny Washington to accompany guitarist Satoshi Inoue rekindled the fire in the pianist’s belly, resulting in this outstanding session. The two Washingtons have worked together frequently during their careers, while Green is on fire interacting with them. The ten pieces are all works by jazz composers, including both well-known and obscure works. It’s little surprise to hear Green tackling Bud Powell’s furious bop anthem “Tempus Fugue-It”; the veteran pianist indulges in fireworks and engages his drummer trading fours, while he also delivers a rollicking treatment of Horace Silver’s “Opus de Funk.” Mel Tormé’s lush, bittersweet ballad “Born to Be Blue” is also in good hands, with Green’s adept use of the sustaining pedal adding to the mood. The less-familiar songs are equally delightful. Green captures the loneliness of walking Manhattan streets late at night with his shimmering rendition of Benny Golson’s “Park Avenue Petite.” Aside from “Grooveyard,” Carl Perkins’ songs have been overlooked, but Green turns in an infectious, choppy version of this hard bop vehicle, winding it up with an unresolved ending. The trio of Benny Green, Peter Washington, and Kenny Washington could easily be the start of something big. Ken Dryden, AllMusic Review

Recommended CDs of the Week:

Country For Old Men (2016) by John Scofield (Genre: Jazz, Guitar, Instrumental):

Jazz guitarist John Schofield’s shows his love of country music by covering songs made famous by country artists including Dolly Parton, Hank Williams and Merle Haggard. For this recording Scofield is accompanied by drummer Bill Stewart, pianist/organist Larry Goldings and bassist Steve Swallow.

Some of the vintage country songs on the LP include: Mama Tried, Red River Valley, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Wildwood Flower and Jolene.

In The Midnight Hour (1965) & The Exciting Wilson Pickett (1966) by Wilson Pickett (Genre: Soul, R&B):

This double album set features the second and third albums released by the great soul singer Wilson Pickett. These albums show him just hitting his substantial musical stride!

Songs include: In The Midnight Hour, Teardrops Will Fall, I Found A Love, Come Home Baby, Let’s Kiss and Make Up, Land of 1000 Dances, 634-5789, Mercy Mercy, You’re So Fine and She’s So Good To Me.

Videos of the Week:

I Feel A Change by Charles Bradley

The Blacksmith by Ned Oldham

Rambleaway by Shirley Collins

All Aboard by Roogalator

Blue Minor by Benny Green

Land of 1000 Dances by Wilson Pickett

Mr. Fool / The Gambler by John Scofield (New Morning – Paris – March 22nd 2017)

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

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The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits by Joel Whitburn (Billboard Books. New York. 2009.)

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