Great Freegal Playlist – Six String Salvation: Top Guitar Solos

Hi everyone, in searching through the Freegal Catalog today, I came across a great playlist for those who love listening to great guitarists.

This playlist offers selections of cool playing by rock, jazz and country guitarists from the thirties to today.

This 90 song collection includes songs by artists/bands that came to prominence in the forties and fifties including Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Buddy Guy, Earl Hooker, Chet Atkins and B.B. King, to artists that broke into the consciousness of mainstream music listeners in the sixties and seventies including Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, AC/DC, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth and Carlos Santana, to artists/bands that arrived in the eighties or later including Chon, Nels Cline Singers, Living Colour and Rage Against The Machine.

So if you’re hanging out at home this weekend or even in your car on the road – this is a great set to stream!

Songs in the collection include: Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr., Baby Please Don’t Leave Me by Buddy Guy, The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy, Man In The Box by Alice In Chains, Deep River Blues by Doc Watson, Sails of Charon by Scorpions, Wipe Out by The Ventures and Cross Road Blues by Robert Johnson.

Have a great weekend!

Linda, SSCL

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