Help Out Your Friendly Neighborhood Acquisitions Librarian!

Care to help out your friendly neighborhood acquisitions librarian?

Your feedback is requested!

As the acquisitions librarian at the Southeast Steuben County Library, I spend hours and hours and hours each month researching what new books, DVDs and other materials our library should buy.

I browse through popular magazines, i.e. People, The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly and Smithsonian etc.

I read book reviews in library trade magazines including Publisher’s Weekly, BookPage, Booklist and Library Journal.

I read current events articles and book reviews on a variety of websites including the New York Times, NPR, The BBC, The Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger’s.

And I discover new books, DVDs & audiobooks of note and purchase them for the library’s collection.

And I order requested titles made by patrons who drop by the library, or call us with requests. The way that works is simply that the inquiring patrons ask if we have a title or if we can requested it from another library in the system; and if I find we don’t own the title and can’t request if from another library in the system, then I order the title* and we let the requesting patron know when the book/DVD/audiobook is ready for pick up.

And it has occurred to me that the one aspect of acquisitions research that I haven’t tapped into – is to ask patrons for requests and general what-you-like information – online.

So I’m hoping you can help me with my online research and tell me:

What type of books, CDS, DVDs, eBooks or audiobooks do you most enjoy?

Historical romances, suspenseful mysteries, fantasy novels or, perhaps, swashbuckling adventures stories?

And do you prefer to read your stories in print, or as eBooks, listen to them as audiobooks or watch them as videos?

Consider this an informal poll!

Your feedback is appreciated!

Just tell me what you like and I’ll see about getting more of it in whichever genre and or format you prefer!

And if you’d like to be notified when an item you’ve requested is ready to be picked up you can send me an email:

Have a great weekend!

Linda aka your friendly neighborhood Acquisitions Librarian

*The library purchases most patron requested titles. The exceptions are if an item is cost prohibited or out of print and unavailable for purchased used.

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