Once Upon a Library Visit…

What memoir books of ballet dancers do you have?

Well, the patron already read or is in the process of reading all but one book from the  selection we have at our fingertips… or by delivery from our library system.

Maybe I could find you an article; how about you have a seat for a moment?

Stock photo from pgbsimon at Pixabay

Then I learn she’s interested in famous 1920s ballet dancers specifically, one of which is her favorite; she even got to take a class from her once.

I find a Wikipedia page listing female dancers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_female_dancers) which helps me to spell the names of ballerinas which are rolling off of her tongue beautifully.

A Google search brings up numerous newspaper and magazine articles, I print out three: Wendy Whelan, Alexandria Denisova–no, Danilova, but an Alexandria Denisova is on the list too.

The woman is in awe and delight at the search results.

“No books?” she asks.

“How does this…” she marvels at the computer.

I begin to explain about the system of cables that transmit information all across the world and that I could show her how to look up articles for herself if she’d like that. And she did take our card with great interest.

I like to say that technology fits into each person’s life differently. It would seem that it hadn’t found much of a place in her life yet, or maybe it had, just then.


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