Witnessing Firsts

You know the stereotypical teenagers texting each other in the same room? Well, I had that moment at work recently when a couple of mature women asked me about texting. They realized one could text the other while walking in the woods: texting-each-other-sketch.jpg
“Haha, yes, I could say, ‘there’s bear after me!'”
“Oh–you could even take a picture of the bear and text it to her.” We had quite nice little laugh. To get a hang of texting, they promptly sent a message to one another.

Perhaps the most endearing part was when they–almost in unison– remembered something they had asked about in our last lesson: how to delete call history, emails, messages, etc. About their recent text messages they said, “and now we can delete them!”

The epiphanies are entertaining and delightful when someone tries technology for the first time as in texting or video-conferencing. These two ladies informed me that they tried Facetime for the first time since our last session. They were tickled to be able to see and speak with a relative who is out on a boat in one of our country’s gulfs. Video-conferencing in unusual places highlights how much each of us are amateur journalists for one another. Happy reporting, sharing, and exploring! And remember to take a moment to expand someone’s technology horizon’s with your own moment of “did you know you can… !?”facetime.jpg

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