That’s How I Scroll

How many ways are there to scroll up/down on a webpage?

    1. if_icon_21_one_finger_swipe_down_329392By touchscreen: slide one finger up or down the screen where you’d like to see more.
    2. if_Mouse_1214978By mouse: place the cursor where you see the current text/image(s) and then roll the wheel in the middle of the mouse.
    3. if_icon_11_two_fingers_swipe_down_329361By trackpad: place the cursor where you see the current text/image(s) and then slide two fingers up or down the right side of the trackpad surface.
    4. ArrowKeysBy keyboard: make sure the computer knows where you’d like to scroll (give focus by clicking in the window you’d like to see more from), and then press the up or down arrow keys


  1. By voice command: varies depending on device

What did I miss? How would you explain it to someone who doesn’t know? Let us know in the comments or share on social media!

If you or someone you know stumbles over the word cursor, checkout my computer basics reference sheets:


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