Did You Know…Poldark!

Did You Know…Poldark!

This is the first in a new series of monthly postings that will offer fun bits of info on books, TV series and movies that you can check out at the library!

The Did You Know series of posts will come out in the first day of each month.

And our debut positing is on the new Poldark TV series!

So perhaps you’ve enjoyed the first three seasons of the swashbuckling romantic TV series Poldark? If you haven’t gotten to it yet, here’s a brief description: The series is set in 18th Century Cornwall, England, and stars Aidan Turner as Captain Ross Poldark, Eleanor Tomlinson as his wife, and the venerable heroine of the series, Demelza Carne Poldark, Heida Reed as Elizabeth Poldark Warleggan and Jack Farthing as George Warleggan.

And on to the Did You Know items!

Did you know…

• That the TV series is based upon a series of books written by the British author Winston Graham that were published between 1945 and 2002?

You read that right! Mr. Graham published 13 books in the series over the course of 57 years!

The first Poldark novel was originally titled The Renegade. Graham later changed the title to match the name of the hero of the book – Ross Poldark. Mr. Graham was inspired to write the Poldark novels after he moved to Cornwall as a youth and had the chance to take in the breath-taking beauty of Cornwall along with a dose of local history.

And although Graham wrote many other novels, including several that were turned into popular movies*. The Poldark series remained close to his heart. In fact, the very last book he finished in his life was the final book in the Poldark series, titled Bella Poldark, it was published in 2002 just a year before he died at age 95.

Did You Know…

• That the current TV Series, which made its debut in 2015, was preceded by TV series that ran from 1975 – 1977?

It was!

The original series featured Robin Ellis as Ross Poldark, Angharad Rees as Demelza Carne Poldark, Jill Townsend as Elizabeth Poldark Warleggan and Ralph Bates as George Warleggan. Like the current series the original TV series was shown on PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre and I remember watching it with my mother when it was original broadcast on American television. Like the current series, the original Poldark series was great fun to watch.

Did You Know…

• Robin Ellis, the actor who portrayed Ross Poldark in the 1970s series, is also in the new series?

He is!

Robin Ellis portrays the grouchy clergyman and Justice of the Peace the Reverend Doctor Halse in the new Poldark series.

About The Books:

On another interesting note, this one a book note, the one thing the original TV series didn’t have that the new series does – is access to the complete Poldark series of books!

When the original series was filmed in the seventies the author had only written the first seven books in the series, and those books chronicled the lives of Captain Ross Poldark and his family from his return to Cornwall after the American War (on our side of the pond The American Revolution) in 1783 through December of 1799. From the eighties through the early twenty first century the author wrote five more Poldark novels which take the Poldark Family all the way to 1820! So the makers of the new series have five more books, that span twenty more years, to base stories upon!

All the Poldark books, the complete seventies TV series and the first three seasons of the new Poldark TV series  can be requested through StarCat.

The fourth season of the new Poldark TV series will be shown on PBS this fall.

And here is a list of all the Poldark books and videos, which you can request from the library.

To request a title click on the photo of the book or video.

First the books in order:

Ross Poldark


Jeremy Poldark


The Black Moon

The Four Swans

The Angry Tide

The Stranger From The Sea

The Miller’s Dance

The Loving Cup

The Twisted Sword

Bella Poldark

Here are the links to request the videos in the 1970s series starring Robin Ellis:

Poldark, Series 1

Poldark, Series 2

And here are the links to request the first three video sets in the new series starring Aiden Turner:

Poldark: The Complete First Season

Poldark: The Complete Second Season

Poldark: The Complete Third Season

And just as an FYI you can also request the series in ebook and downloadable audio book formats through the Digital Catalog which you can access by clicking on the photo below:

Have a great day!
Linda, The Librarian (a tip of the hat to The Librarian in the old Hilarious House of Frightenstein TV series – I always wanted to type that!)

* The Graham novels that were filmed for the big screen are: Take My Life (1947), Night without Stars (1951), Fortune is a Woman (1957), Marnie produced by Alfred Hitchcock (1964) and The Walking Stick (1970).


Because I’m a librarian and we’re big on citing sources!

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Print Sources:

Poldark’s Cornwall written by Winston & Andrew Graham. Published by Macmillan in London in 2015.

The World of Poldark by Emma Marriott. Published in New York by St Martin’s Press in 2016

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