Computer User Vignette

Some time ago, I wrote this next passage to adequately share a patron’s comment with my library director. I wanted to spend a little extra time on it because he’s such a consistent patron and one that I thought could represent our computer user visitors. Recently, I had the patron read the paragraph or so that I  had written. The patron was overjoyed, he thought I really managed to summarize  him quite articulately–and in only one paragraph! He said he’d be honored to see it posted online. So, here goes, a vignette of one of our regular computer users:

if_user_50702Rocky would like us to be open Sundays again because he is losing out on some important opportunities. A collector if ever I met one, Rocky is a self-proclaimed home-body who patronizes the library for the almost sole purpose of using the computer. He visits auctions and auction websites to develop his collection of 45” rock and roll records. Investments have gone well enough that he not shy of price as long as it’s not over-paying and the artist seems significant. Rocky’s record collection may be one of the largest of its kind; he tells me that when he’s at trade shows or auctions he gets attention from collectors from all over the world. Some ask, “What’s Rocky going to do with all his records?” Well, he’s going to continue developing as long as he can until he finds someone who will archive the records to his credit or carry on developing the collection in his name. If 45’s aren’t your thing, he’s also adding to his collection of Lionel model trains and period automobile magazines.


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