Let’s Talk Games

Talking about games is one of the best parts, I think. It’s the awe, the enthusiasm, the surprise, and the shared experience when you are familiar with a popular game or a really well-made game (Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Legend of Zelda, Zork, etcetera–)

If you play games–puzzle, platform-er, roll-playing, multiplayer, online, etcetera–

On your tablet, phone, computer, console, etcetera–

I have a recommendation for you: consider watching Extra Credits. They put a lot of experience, skill, and information into their videos, and I really enjoy watching them. The most recent one I watched was on loot boxes, but I think a great one to start on would be on the game-ification of education, or about how games matter. Oh, and you’ll also find some great history videos by them here!

Extra Credits@ExtraCreditz

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